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What Not to Do During a Funeral Service

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Have you been invited to attend a funeral ceremony and have concerns about displaying proper etiquette? If so, then you’re like many other individuals who want to avoid doing anything disrespectful during this type of event. The following are several things that you shouldn’t do when attending a funeral service.

Leave Your Phone On
To show your respect during a funeral service, it’s essential that, at the least, you silence your phone, and it’s ideal to turn off your mobile devices completely. This advice cannot be stressed enough, and you do not want to be the person whose phone rings in the middle of the eulogy.

Arrive Late to the Service
Although arriving late to a funeral is better than not attending at all, it is more respectful to be there on time. Aim to arrive about 10 minutes early.

Attend the Funeral Underdressed
While many experts agree that it’s no longer essential to come to a funeral service in all black, it’s ideal that you arrive wearing respectful attire. Refer to the funeral invitation to see if it includes any notes regarding dress. If there are not, then opt for closed-toe shoes and clothing that isn’t too gaudy or revealing. Slacks and a button-down shirt work well for men, and women often choose to wear conservative dresses in subdued colors.

Leave Children at Home
It’s common for parents to hesitate to bring children to a funeral. While babies and very young children should be left with a sitter, allowing older kids to attend this type of ceremony can make them feel involved, help them understand death, and assist them with finding closure. If you’re undecided, then have a conversation with your children and let them tell you if they would like to attend.

Are you in need of funeral services following the passing of a loved one? If so, then please contact Valley of the Temples Memorial Park at (808) 239-8811 to learn how our experienced and compassionate staff can assist you with planning a funeral near Oahu, HI.

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