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How Your Family Benefits When You Pre-Plan Your Funeral

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While making your final arrangements may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, just imagine how much stress and discomfort it will save your family. Keep reading to learn some of the ways that your family members can benefit when you pre-plan a funeral.

Less Decision-Making
The funeral service represents a significant part of the process of saying goodbye to someone who has passed away. However, planning a funeral involves a lot of decision-making, which can put people under greater stress when they are already grieving a loss. To save your family from having to concentrate on funeral planning after your death, you can make your funeral and cemetery arrangements in advance so your family can focus on what matters; sharing comfort and celebrating your life.

More Peace of Mind
When it comes to planning a funeral for a loved one who has passed away, much of the anxiety that people encounter can be a result of wanting to do what they hope the deceased would have wanted. This process can be quite stressful, as it’s impossible to know with certainty what someone would have wanted if they never communicated it. Planning your funeral in advance allows you to make key decisions so that your loved ones aren’t left guessing.

Less Financial Burden
As with most services, those related to funerals and burials may go up in price over the years.

If you’re interested in taking the financial burden of the funeral away from your family, then pre-arranging your funeral is a wise choice. By making these arrangements now, you can pay for some or all of the services and prevent your family from having to do so later. Also, funeral pre-planning allows you to lock in today’s prices and potentially save on the total costs of your funeral arrangements.

Valley of the Temples Memorial Park in Oahu, HI offers several resources that can simplify the process of pre-planning your funeral service. If you would like to find out more, then please call (808) 239-8811.

What Is Obon?

Lantern lighting, temple visits, traditional dancing, and food offerings are a few of the ways to describe Obon. This festival includes many beautiful traditions and marks one of Japan’s three major holiday seasons. The Obon festival is observed to honor one’s ancestors, and allows families to reunite and pass on ancient traditions. The festivals ends with the Floating Lantern Ceremony, which leads spirits to the water so they can return to the world of the deceased. Plantation workers from Japan brought Obon to Hawaii, where it is still celebrated today. To learn more about Obon, take a look at this infographic from Valley of the Temples Memorial Park in Oahu, HI. We welcome you to share this information with your family and friends.

Obon Festival

The Advantages of Pre-Paying for Your Funeral

If you haven’t yet pre-arranged your funeral, you might want to consider the many advantages of doing so. Advance planning can guarantee the location you want and will ease the burden on your loved ones at their most difficult time.

While you consider whether to pre-arrange, watch this featured video. You’ll learn the importance of making key decisions in advance so your loved ones aren’t left guessing, and how to avoid unplanned expenses and emotional overspending.

Valley of the Temples Memorial Park offers funeral pre-planning in Oahu, HI, which may be pre-funded or not, depending on your preference. Call our funeral home at (808) 239-8811 with any questions you may have.

Advice for Planning a Non-Religious Funeral Service

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Funeral services are often held in houses of worship, but this certainly isn’t a requirement. If the decedent described himself or herself as an atheist, humanist, freethinker, or simply non-religious, then it isn’t appropriate to include any religious references in the funeral ceremony. Even if you are religious, it’s important to honor the wishes of your deceased loved one.

Find out if your loved one had expressed any preferences.
Beyond the preference to avoid any religious imagery or references, your loved one may have expressed a preference for burial or cremation. If he or she chose cremation, perhaps they also had an opinion about interment or scattering. You can contact the funeral home to find out if your loved one pre-planned their funeral. Otherwise, ask other family members if they had ever discussed funeral plans with the decedent. Some people keep directions for their funeral ceremonies in the same place that they keep their wills.

Hold the service at the funeral home.
Since holding the ceremony at a house of worship is inappropriate, you may decide to have the service at the funeral home or at a place that held special meaning for your loved one. There may be more than one gathering. Many families choose to hold the service at the funeral home, with a reception to follow at the family home.

Assemble a list of secular readings and songs.
If your loved one didn’t leave suggestions for readings and songs, look for selections that best fit their life and character. Consider choosing readings from poets or philosophers. You could select your loved one’s favorite songs, regardless of whether they might be classical orchestral music or classic rock. Many humanists prefer that a memorial service be a celebration of life, rather than an event that dwells on death.

At Valley of the Temples Memorial Park, our funeral directors will help your family plan a funeral service or end of life celebration that best fits your loved one’s preferences and personality. Our memorial park in Oahu, HI, welcomes inquiries from families from all walks of life. Call (808) 239-8811.

Join Us For Free Obon Celebrations At The Hawaii Byodo-In Temple

Obon Oahu

Celebrating Your Heritage
Obon is similar to America's Thanksgiving. At the beginning of Obon, spirits are called to the cemeteries through the burning of incense and the offering of a prayer. At the end of Obon, the spirits are led to a river or the ocean's edge on their way back to the world of the deceased, guided by a flower lantern with a candle inside. Although some of the Obon rituals are somber, much of the holiday is festive. It’s a time when families happily reunite and celebrate the Obon Festival and Flower Lantern Floating Ceremony for all loved and ancestors that have passed away.

The festival has been held since the 7th century. While many of the events have changed over time, it remains one of the most significant and enjoyable of the Japanese festivals. It goes by a variety of names, the most popular of which is "The Obon Festival and Flower Lantern Floating Ceremony”.

Teaching Our Children and Grandchildren
Heritage is kept alive when we pass along the understanding and traditions to our youth. To see and participate in the Festival, our children and grandchildren learn to respect and honor the sacrifices of those who came before them.

For more information, please visit our events page.

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