Founded in 1963, Valley of the Temples Memorial Park has served the community by providing a place of peace and serenity for loved ones.

How to Behave at a Funeral

Because of the emotions and difficulties experienced following the death of a friend or family member, it can be difficult to know how to conduct oneself at a funeral service. Are you planning to attend a funeral? If so, then watch this video for advice on how to behave at this type of event.

First, strive to be polite to everyone in attendance. Also, wear appropriate attire; while not always required, wearing black is standard. Finally, bring flowers, a card, or a gift with you to show your respect for the deceased and your support for the surviving family.

If you are arranging a funeral in Oahu, HI, then please call Valley of the Temples Memorial Park at (808) 239-8811. We offer funeral planning, cremation services, grief counseling, and more to help you through this challenging time.

The Process of Choosing a Casket

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Planning a funeral involves a great deal of decision making, which can be difficult while you are grieving. If you are in the process of arranging a funeral service for a deceased loved one that involves a traditional burial, then you may find yourself struggling with the decision of selecting a casket. There are a few factors to consider that can help you make this choice.

To begin the process of choosing a casket, start by informing yourself regarding the types of caskets that are available. Next, contact the cemetery where you plan to bury the deceased and learn about any regulations they have for casket types. Finally, create a budget for everything funeral-related and determine how much you can spend on a casket. Following these steps, you can choose a suitable casket that you can afford.

Valley of the Temples Memorial Park specializes in cremation services and funeral planning at our memorial park in Oahu, HI. If you are arranging a funeral and would like to know more about our services, then please reach out to us by calling (808) 239-8811.

A Quick Look at Famous Mausoleums

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If you are pre-planning a funeral service or cremation ceremony, you may consider having your remains interred in a mausoleum rather than in a burial plot in a cemetery. Originally, mausoleums were created to house the remains of very wealthy or powerful people and their families. Now, many cemeteries and memorial parks have mausoleums on their grounds in which people can be interred. Mausoleums can be found on every continent on earth.

In the United States, one of the most famous mausoleums that still exists is Grant’s Tomb in New York City. It was built in 1897 to house the remains of Ulysses S. Grant. On Honolulu, Hawaii, you can find the Royal Mausoleum of Hawaii. This was built in 1893 to serve as the burial site of a 4-year old prince, and now houses members of 2 of Hawaii’s royal families.

If you’re looking for a funeral home and cemetery on Oahu, HI, come see us at Valley of the Temples Memorial Park. We can assist you in designing a beautiful, private mausoleum for your family or loved ones, and also offer a range of other burial and cremation options. Call us today at (808) 239-8811 to speak with one of our knowledgeable funeral home staff members.

Meet Michelle Bowerman-Director of Business Operations at Islands Hospice

Hospice Care Month Oahu

In recognition of National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, Valley of the Temples wants to acknowledge Michelle Bowerman, Director of Business Operations at Islands Hospice. Michelle speaks about her experiences in an interview:

Managing Emotions
Michelle has to deal with a wealth of emotions while working in hospice care. She reveals that she takes time for herself to be with friends and family and to walk her dogs. Since she is an animal lover, she also volunteers at the Hawaiian Humane Society. These habits help her cope with feelings of loss and heartbreak.

Finding Inspiration
Michelle says that seeing young people pass away evokes strong feelings in her. Sadly, she has dealt this situation more than once. Her daughter’s classmate, described as a “vibrant, young beautiful woman”, passed away at a young age. Michelle also went through the passing of her friend’s 17-year-old son, who was diagnosed with cancer at age 14. She describes him as having the “spirit and presence of a wise, loving old soul”. The impact of these experiences led Michelle to work in hospice care.

Advice for Others
Michelle’s main piece of advice to others is for anyone who is considering hospice to reach out for services as soon as they receive a terminal diagnosis. She stresses that this is important in order for the patients and families to get the most out of the services. The patients receive such high-level care that in some cases, they even recover and get to leave hospice.

To learn more about Michelle, visit our website.

Understanding Hindu Funeral Traditions

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The specific beliefs and rituals of Hinduism can vary from sect to sect. One core belief about death and dying is that the spirit, atman, is permanent and unchangeable. The atman is reborn many times through reincarnation, known as samsara. Throughout each lifetime, it is the goal of the atman to achieve moksha, which is the release from samsara and the transcendence into the divine force. To honor a deceased loved one in the Hindu tradition, it is necessary to locate a funeral home that will accommodate certain rituals.

Before Death Occurs
When a person is ill and is near death, the family should contact a Hindu priest. The priest and family will gather with the dying person to chant mantras. Traditionally, the dying person is placed on a grass mat on the floor and water from the sacred Ganges River is placed in his or her mouth.

After Death Occurs
After the death, the family will perform a ritual washing. The decedent’s head is positioned to the south. A picture of the favorite deity of the decedent and a lighted oil lamp are placed near the head. The body is washed in purified water or in a blend of ghee, milk, yogurt, and honey, during which the family members chant mantras. If the decedent was a married woman and her husband is still living, her body is clothed in red. After the ritual washing is complete, the big toes are tied together, the hands are placed in a prayerful position, and the body is shrouded.

During the Funeral Services
There is usually no need to arrange a burial plot, since most Hindus are cremated. It is customary for the family to hold a simple visitation, followed by the cremation. Traditionally, only male relatives attend the cremation. It is preferred for a ritual cremation to take place on the Ganges, but it is acceptable to hold a ceremony at a crematory. Families may arrange for the ashes to be transported to the Ganges and scattered there.

Valley of the Temples Memorial Park can help you plan a graceful service for your deceased loved one. We respect and accommodate all faiths and cultures, and are privileged to offer Hindu and Buddhist funerals in Oahu, HI. Call our funeral home at (808) 239-8811 to speak with a knowledgeable funeral director.

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