Cremation Versus Burial: Which One Is Right for Your Family?

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Though end-of-life interment is a very personal choice, it is a decision that is often made with one’s family. Cremation and burial are two of the most popular options, and each comes with its own considerations and benefits. If you are currently making your cemetery arrangements, the following information can help you select the interment option that is right for you.

Cremation Many factors typically influence a person’s decision to become cremated. Some individuals may not be comfortable with in-ground interment and find cremation a more attractive choice. Others like the idea of saving the space that is normally required for a traditional burial. Under some circumstances, cremation can be a more affordable option for a family. Cremation can either involve a dedicated in-ground space for the deceased’s remains, or a family might choose to keep their loved one’s ashes on display in a sacred space such as the Byodo-In Temple. In this way, they can visit as often as they like to pay their respects to their friend or family member.

Burial Many individuals choose burial because of traditions already set forth in their family. If a family has chosen in-ground burial for many generations, members may see no reason to change. Some families prefer in-ground burial for religious reasons as well. Since a memorial park can often accommodate the burial of multiple family members in the same area, this option also allows for a collective final resting place. In addition, individuals may want a conventional burial so that their family members can have a specific place to visit when they want to pay their respects. 

Are you deciding on your cemetery arrangements? Let Valley of the Temples guide you through our interment options. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you choose between cremation memorialization, in-ground burial, or aboveground entombment. Call our Oahu memorial park at (808) 239-8811 for more details.

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