• Candlelight Vigil and fundraising efforts for the Typhoon Haiyan relief

    Valley of the Temples will be hosting a Candlelight Vigil and Fundraiser in support of all those affected by Philippines Typhoon Haiyan, November 22nd at 6pm. This multi-faith ceremony is free and open to the public. We are matching donations up to $5000.

    We have created a webpage and visitors can donate online if you cannot make it out:



  • Deciding Between Burial and Cremation

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    If you have recently lost a loved one, it is important to work with other friends and family members in order to arrange a fitting funeral. Valley of the Temples offers a variety of services to make funeral pre-planning as simple and stress-free as possible. One of the first decisions you will have to make is whether to choose burial or cremation. Use this guide to make your decision:  

    Consider Your Deceased Loved One’s Wishes

    It is common for people to choose burial or cremation for themselves before they pass on. Many people share their preferences with loved ones, giving their friends and family members some sort of guidance regarding funeral pre-planning and other arrangements. Consider your deceased loved one’s wishes when deciding between burial and cremation. If they did not clearly state any preferences, discuss which option you think they would prefer with other family members.

    Think about Your Family’s Spiritual Beliefs

    Spiritual and religious beliefs are important to consider when planning a funeral for a family member. Many of these beliefs dictate what path to follow when a loved one passes on, guiding family members through the funeral pre-planning process while encouraging tradition and faith. If your loved one held any beliefs or philosophies, find out whether they call for cremation or burial before making any decisions regarding cemetery arrangements. This will help you stay true to your lost loved one’s personal beliefs.  

    Look Back on Family Choices

    A lot of families choose to purchase cemetery plots next to each other in order to keep family members close even after they have passed. It is important to find out if any of your family members have made family cemetery arrangements when planning the service for a recently deceased loved one. You can also see if any family members have chosen cremation and how the presentation and distribution of their ashes was handled. This can help you make the right choice for your loved one.

    Valley of the Temples can help you plan a funeral for your lost loved one. Find information about our Oahu memorial park by calling us at (808) 239-8811 or visiting us online.


  • Essential Elements of a Good Eulogy

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    One of the most difficult speeches that one can give in his or her life is a eulogy for a good friend, family member, or loved one. If you’re preparing to address the congregation at a funeral service in order to honor the memory of a loved one, then be sure to take a look at the following tips from the caring professionals here at Valley of the Temples. Here are some essential elements of a good eulogy:

    Be Mindful of Your Crowd

    Although you and the deceased may have shared countless memories together over the years, or even created several inside jokes or stories, it’s important that you avoid filling your eulogy with such personal reflections as they may not be understood by others in the crowd. Instead, share stories that others can enjoy, relate to, and feel comforted by.

    Capture the Spirit of the Deceased

    When writing a eulogy, try to act as the voice of the deceased. While this may sound like a heavy task to try to take on, one simple strategy for successfully capturing the spirit of your loved one is to infuse small pieces of him or her into the eulogy. Consider using several phrases, sayings, or jokes that he or she frequently said or discuss how happy he or she would be to see all of you coming together to reflect and celebrate his or her life.

    Keep It Short Yet Meaningful

    Since funerals and memorial services at your Oahu memorial park can be incredibly emotional and exhausting, do your best to keep the eulogy brief yet meaningful. Although you may feel like your experience with this person could fill the pages of a novel, it’s important that you try to write no more than a page or two in order to maintain your audience’s attention and support.

    If you’re in the process of grieving the sudden or anticipated loss of a loved one, then turn to the professionals here at Valley of the Temples for guidance. Our memorial park specializes in supporting families as they make cemetery arrangements and put together memorial services for a loved one. To learn more about our Oahu cemetery and memorial park, call (808) 239-8811.

  • Explaining Death to Children

    Parents should never be afraid to cry or show emotion while discussing a death with children. This expression of true emotion will show kids that it’s okay to mourn and to release whatever feelings they may have inside.

    As you will see in this video, another way for parents to make conversations about death a bit easier is for them to remind children just how lucky they were to have known the lost loved one. Parents can also encourage children to celebrate the life of that loved one by writing a poem, creating a photo album, or putting together a scrapbook.  

    We know how difficult the grieving process can be for persons of any age and make it our goal to assist loved ones left behind with memorial and funeral arrangements as well as burial services. Find out more about how Valley of the Temples can help you in your time of need by calling us today at (808) 239-8811. 

  • An Overview of Funeral Service Etiquette

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    For many people, attending a funeral can be not only emotionally taxing, but also stressful as there is a certain form of etiquette or behavior that needs to be observed throughout the service. Knowing how to express emotion to a grieving loved one or how to display gratitude to those wishing you their condolences are two difficult topics that you should ponder before attending a funeral or memorial service. Here is a helpful overview of funeral service etiquette:

    Dress Conservatively and Appropriately

    One of the simplest ways to show a grieving family member or friend that you would like to offer your support during their difficult time is to dress appropriately for the funeral service. Unless you have been told otherwise, choose a conservative suit, dress, or similarly semi-formal attire that features darker colors such as grey or black. Avoid loud accessories such as bright earrings or watches.

    Offer a Kind Word or Two

    When it comes to speaking with the bereaved, simply offer a kind word or two to express your sincere condolences. A kind phrase such as “I’m sorry for your loss” will let the family know that you care and that you’re keeping them in your thoughts.

    Research Fitting Gifts

    It is customary to bring an appropriate gift with you to the service or to have one delivered to the Oahu memorial park or cemetery. Gift ideas include flowers, wreaths, or a gift basket. You can also research whether or not the family has set up an account in their loved one’s name, and then donate accordingly.

    Silence Your Cell Phone

    There are few things more disruptive during a quiet and reflective funeral service than a ringing cell phone. As soon as you enter the Oahu memorial park where the service is taking place, silence your phone and any other devices you have on you that could make noise.

    Here at Valley of the Temples in Oahu, our caring staff is always available to assist families and individuals with cemetery arrangements, funeral pre-planning arrangements, and other related services. If you would like to find out how our memorial park can offer a helping hand following the loss of a loved one, call us today at (808) 239-8811.