• How Valley of the Temples Can Support Your Grieving Process

    Cemetery Silhouette

    Valley of the Temples offers caring cemetery arrangements and funeral services to address your immediate needs if you have lost a loved one. However, our compassionate support continues by means of our website’s Grief and Healing page. Our Executive Counseling Director, Dr. Virginia Simpson, has both the professional credentials and the personal experience to provide sympathetic counseling. She does this via carefully designed online modules, known as Interactive Aftercare. You can customize them to suit your needs and tastes. We also offer Letting the Sun Shine In, a subscription service that supplies positive e-mails to your inbox every day. Such affirmations have benefited many of our customers.

    Valley of the Temples in Oahu offers meaningful grief support so that you never have to feel alone. If you have any questions, please contact us by calling (808) 239-8811 or by visiting our website. We also offer funeral pre-planning services and cemetery services in our beautiful Memorial Park Oahu location. 

  • Age-Appropriate Ways to Discuss Loss with Your Child

    Father comforts a sad child

    After the death of a loved one, parents often struggle with telling a child about this loss. Determining how to explain the concept of death and loss to a child can be difficult when you are experiencing feelings of sadness and grief yourself. Although your child will understand death in different terms depending upon his age, it’s still important to discuss the loss and ask your child whether he would like to take part in your loved one’s funeral or visit the cemetery to say goodbye.

    Young Children

    Very young children have a very literal view of the world. You will need to explain the concept of death to your child so he can understand, such as explaining that your loved one’s body has stopped working and cannot be fixed. A parent may have to reiterate this point several times, so try to be patient and clear. It’s best not to use euphemisms, such as “gone away” or “sleeping”—these terms can make your child afraid to go to sleep or fearful that a loved one who must leave on daily tasks will never return. Instead, discuss what happened to his loved one in clear, honest terms that will allow your child to cope with the situation and his grief.


    Teenagers are old enough to understand death in more abstract terms and accept that all living things must die. Often, teens are deeply troubled by death because it brings to light their own mortality. Encourage your teen to share his feelings and grief with whomever he feels comfortable, and don’t feel slighted if he doesn’t want to talk to you. Take this time to emphasize safe practices while allowing your child to explore his own feelings and ideas about spirituality, life, and death. 

    Valley of the Temples Memorial Park is proud to offer a place for remembrance and contemplation. Our multicultural cemetery on Oahu offers personalized service in a comfortable and supportive environment. We invite you to click through our website to learn more or call us today at (808) 239-8811.

  • Byodo-In Temple hosts the 2014 Jazz Peace Concert

    Temple - Close Up

    February 22, 2014 (Saturday)   Time: 12:30pm-3:30pm

    Jazz is American’s most original music. Because music is a universal art form for people of any ethnic background, religious or non-religious background and because Byodo-in Temple is a “temple of equality,” a gathering place of people from all over the world. This is the perfect venue for this musical gathering.

    Temple Admission:  $3/adult,  $2/senior, $1/child. For more info call at 239-9844   www.byodo-in.com/events.htm

    (Schedule may change without notice/Weather Permitting)

    Jazz Peace

    Mihoko Maier  or  Mihoko M , is known primarily as an abstract artist whose paintings capture the rhythm, tonality and spirit of the jazz music she passionately loves:  in fact, Mihoko is a singing artist.   Miss Azure McCall as her voice instructor, Mihoko debuted as a Jazz singer at Byodo-in Temple in 2007 and has played in many venues since then.

    In 1991, Mihoko was instrumental in getting the Zero pilot’s (Lt.Iida was shot down in Kaneohe) helmet returned to the family.  She was appointed as the Director of the Hawaii Office for The Japan Religious Committee for World Federation from the main office in Kyoto.  The Japanese Peace Delegates have been promoting peace for 33 years.  The Peace Delegates are comprised of different Japanese religious high priests & priestess’.  As the only group from Japan to officially be invited by the U.S. Government since l981 for this event, they feel a special responsibility.  The Chairman of the Peace Delegates recites a peace prayer in Japanese & English at the beginning of the Pearl Harbor Memorial Service every December 7th.  After the service, they travel to pay their respects to various memorials throughout Oahu, including:  USS Arizona, USS Parche Submarine Memorial, Ehime-Maru Monument, Makiki Cemetery, and National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Kaneohe Marine Corps Iwa-jima Memorial, Klipper Marines Memorial, Lt.Iida crash site and other monuments.  This December 7th, 2014 shall mark the 73rd national memorial service day since 12/7/1941. 

    Mihoko M  believes that those enshrined at the Pearl Harbor monuments & other places used to enjoy Jazz music the night before the Day of Infamy.  Also, Jazz has healing power.  She has invited various Jazz musicians around the world.  Today’s musicians are: Kit Eversbach (Keyboard), Mark Tanouye (Bass), Phil Bennett (Drums), Everett Cencich (Sax), and Mihoko M (Vocals)

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  • Helping Children Cope with the Loss of a Parent

    The director of the Dougy Center for Grieving Children and Families, Dr. Donna Schuurman addresses the unique needs of children when they face a loss. It’s a vitally important topic since the death of a loved one can affect a child for the rest of their life. One key point to help children Dr. Schuurman mentions is to encourage them to integrate the memory of their loved one into their lives, rather than pressuring them to get over the loss. 

    Valley of the Temples in Oahu offers professional grief and healing services to help children and adults feel that they are never alone when it comes to dealing with complex emotions. If you live in the Oahu area, please contact us by phone at (808) 239-8811 or via our website. We also offer funeral pre-planning and cemetery services. 

  • Tips for Involving Children in Memorials

    Memorial services are an important way for family to grieve the passing of a loved one. While family members are often hesitant to bring small children, a child should be given the option to attend funeral services.

    Valley of the Temples is a place where you and your family can celebrate the life of your loved one in peace and serenity. Please call us today at (808) 239-8811 to learn more about our in-ground burial, above-ground entombment, and cremation memorialization services. You can find out more about involving family and friends in your loved one’s funeral on our blog.