• How to Help a Grieving Friend

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    Grieving people often have an abundance of support immediately following a death and at the funeral or cemetery services. Indeed, attending cemetery services is a wonderful way to show support and empathy. However, anyone who loses a loved one may feel grief for many months or years. Here are some tips on how you can try to help a grieving friend.


    Even if you are unsure what to say to encourage a grieving friend, there are a number of practical ways in which you can assist. In the weeks following funeral and cemetery services, your friend must face daily tasks that they once performed with their dead loved one. Helping them with these tasks is one way to combat loneliness. You can also take the initiative to perform chores or provide meals since the grieving person may not feel up to it or be overwhelmed with business involved in settling an estate. You can even accompany them on a cemetery visit to their loved one’s burial site if they feel up to it.


    Another way to help is by offering a listening ear. Be willing to do this at the cemetery services as well as long-term. This gives them an opportunity to express their emotions in a supportive environment. You can also demonstrate understanding by being tolerant of abrupt mood changes and uncharacteristic behavior. Everyone grieves differently, so providing non-judgmental attention shows empathy.

    When to Encourage Professional Support

    Sometimes, professional support is required, and you can help by being aware of your friend’s needs and feelings. For instance, if the indigent was your friend’s primary caretaker, you may want to recommend in-home care or a change in their living situation. Take note, too, if your friend’s intense grief continues for longer than two months. Expressing feelings of hopelessness, talking about dying and suicide, and alcohol and drug abuse are all urgent signs that you should encourage your friend to seek professional help.

    If you need more advice regarding your friend’s grief, please visit Valley of the Temple’s website. We offer compassionate grief and counseling services. We can also help if you are assisting in funeral and cemetery arrangements in the Oahu area. If you have questions, contact us at (808) 239-8811. 

  • Things to Consider When Pre-Planning Your Funeral

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    You value your loved ones, and that means you want them to have a happy future without unnecessary worry. Pre-planning your funeral can make things easier on your family and friends as well as put your mind at ease. If you have decided to initiate planning your own funeral now, including your cemetery arrangements, here are some things to consider.

    Culture, Beliefs, and Desires

    Many families cherish their cultural heritage and have important traditions. Many families also have specific beliefs about death. If this is true of your family, you probably want some of these aspects to be incorporated into your funeral. Funeral pre-planning can ensure your values are represented and interwoven seamlessly into your funeral and cemetery arrangements. Valley of the Temples Memorial Park in Oahu accommodates a variety of cultures and beliefs, including traditional burials. We can even assist you in designing a family mausoleum or private family estate.


    Funeral pre-planning opens up the possibility of pre-paying or arranging funeral payment in the terms of your estate. This will help you determine what aspects are most important for you and keep within a desired budget. It eliminates most unexpected costs and can simplify the funeral process for grieving loved ones.


    Funerals are an important step in a natural grieving process. Taking time to ensure your funeral paints a representative picture of you as an individual can help your love ones say farewell in a meaningful way. You can select the perfect location for the funeral service; the day of the week and time; musical selections; décor; specific prayers, verses, or poems; and even musical selections. You can appoint beloved friends as guest speakers. You can also show special consideration for guests by offering a keepsake, such as wildflower seeds or a seedling tree. Visit a variety of cemeteries to complete your cemetery arrangements. This will help you discover what type of burial you prefer and where you would like to be laid to rest if you have not already made those decisions. When you take the time for funeral pre-planning, you can be assured of a meaningful event.

    Talk to a local funeral home or cemetery to begin funeral pre-planning. Valley of the Temples Memorial Park in Oahu offers distinctive, caring services in a beautiful setting to guide you through your journey. To learn more, call (808) 239-8811. 

  • Proper Attire for Attending a Memorial Service

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    Just by attending a memorial service, you show great respect for the deceased and support for the family. As an attendee, you should dress in a respectful manner that doesn’t distract from the ceremony. If the burial organizers specify a type of attire, honor their wishes; if they don’t, follow the guidelines outlined in this article.

    A black dress or black suit is always acceptable at a funeral. However, dark shades of blue and other subdued colors may also suffice. It’s important to have a conservative outfit that doesn’t show off too much skin or include garish accessories. Women should avoid high heels, and instead wear comfortable and sensible shoes. It’s generally a good idea to bring an umbrella to a burial, plus extra handkerchiefs or tissues for the other mourners.

    If you’re looking for a serene location where you may lay your loved one to rest, Valley of the Temples Memorial Park is always available. You might also consider pre-planning your funeral to make your own passing easier for your loved ones. Call (808) 239-8811 to speak with a cemetery arrangement representative.   

  • How to Behave at a Funeral

    A funeral can be a very difficult time for the survivors and the other attendees. As an attendee, you should be respectful to the deceased and supportive of the grieving family. This video offers advice on how to behave and dress at a funeral. 

    As long as you are attentive and respectful, you should get through the funeral service just fine. When it comes to attire, dress as you would for a church service—that is, wear a nice suit or dress. It’s also important to honor the wishes of the grieving family if they request that you dress a certain way or refrain from bringing flowers to the service.  

    Valley of the Temples Memorial Park offers elegant cemetery space for Oahu residents. To learn more about cemetery arrangements, call us at (808) 239-8811.