The Advantages of Planning a Funeral In Advance

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Imagine planning an entire wedding in a day or two; in addition to the stress of planning it, it’s not hard to envision the wedding being disorganized and a bit disappointing. Believe it or not, the same is true of planning a funeral in a hurry. Planning a funeral in advance has many advantages, including:

Reduce the Burden on Your Family

A death in the family is incredibly difficult to deal with, especially if your family is unaware of your final wishes. Do you have a preference between being buried or cremated, and having an open casket or a closed one? If so, make a funeral plan so your family does not have to make these difficult decisions at a stressful time.

Assume the Financial Responsibility for Your Funeral

Assuming the financial responsibility for your funeral will allow your survivors to focus more on the ceremony itself, rather than how to pay for it and who will pay for the ceremony. Consider purchasing funeral insurance or pre-purchase funeral services at a funeral home or cemetery to make it even easier.

Plan a Meaningful Funeral

A meaningful funeral will help your family reach closure, while giving them the opportunity to grieve and celebrate your life with your surviving loved ones. To ensure that your family can come together for a proper send off, plan the funeral in advance.

Allow Your Final Wishes to Be Followed

Late in life, many people have preferences for how they wish to be honored and remembered at their funeral service. Record your desires and leave your plan with your family and a reputable funeral home to ensure your final wishes are carried out. Doing this will give you and your family comfort and peace of mind.

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