Choosing Funeral Attire for Your Loved One

Choosing Funeral Attire for Your Loved One - Valley of the Temples

The process of planning a funeral can be daunting. Details such as how to dress your loved one and which personal items to include with the burial or cremation process must be thoroughly planned out before the funeral service. Below are a few tips that will help you choose funeral attire for your loved one.


When considering how you want to dress your loved one, think about what outfit he or she would have liked to be buried in. You may choose to dress your loved one in new clothes that you’ve purchased for the occasion, or clothes that your loved one already owned. If the deceased had a favorite or special outfit, this may be fitting. Many people consider formal attire to be more fitting for a funeral, but you should feel free to dress the person in any outfit he or she might have loved.

Personal Items

Another important consideration when choosing funeral attire for your loved one is which personal belongings to include during the burial or cremation. You will want to gather these items and bring them to the funeral home before the service. There are no rules regarding what a person can be buried with. Consider adding family photographs, favorite books, sentimental items, and favorite jewelry. If the body is going to be cremated, take all metal objects from the body prior to cremation, including jewelry, belts, and piercings.

Religious Considerations

Speak with your local religious leader to learn more about the religious traditions, customs, and expectations regarding funeral services. There may be specific burial or cremation procedures, including specific rules regarding the funeral attire and personal belongings included in the burial or cremation.

Valley of the Temples Memorial Park of Oahu has been providing funeral services and funeral pre-planning since 1963. To learn more about the funeral and cemetery arrangements we offer at our Byodo-In temple, visit our website or call us at (808) 239-8811.

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