Examining the Different Types of Cremation Ceremonies

Furneral Farewell

Many people believe that choosing cremation means that you will have few memorial options, but in reality, cremation actually offers the most choices. At Valley of the Temples, we can help you select the right cremation ceremony for your lost loved one. Here is a look at some of the choices.

Simple ceremonial cremation combines a funeral services with cremation. Before cremation, there is a visitation, followed by a religious or non-religious memorial service. With simple memorial cremation, there is no visitation prior to cremation, but the memorial service is still held. Non-ceremonial cremation forgoes the visitation and memorial service. After cremation is performed, the ashes can be prepared for entombment or burial at the cemetery, or they can be returned to the family.

Let Valley of the Temples help you plan the best cremation ceremony to remember your loved one. At our Oahu cemetery, we offer entombments and traditional burials for cremations. Learn more about our cremation services by calling our memorial park at (808) 239-8811.   

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