• Understanding Funeral Etiquette

    Observing proper funeral etiquette can help you say goodbye to the decedent in a respectful manner and offer comfort to the family members. You can attend the visitation to offer your condolences to the family members prior to the funeral. The funeral service at the cemetery is another opportunity for you to offer condolences and to share remembrances of the decedent. It’s a nice gesture to send flowers to the family residence or to make a charitable donation in the decedent’s name.

    For more information about proper funeral etiquette, watch this video. You’ll learn how long you should stay at the visitation, how to dress appropriately, and what to say to relatives at the cemetery.

    Valley of the Temples Memorial Park of Oahu provides funeral pre-planning and cemetery arrangements that are respectful to individuals of all cultures and beliefs. Family members are welcome to call (808) 239-8811 to let us know how we can help you honor your loved one.

  • Cemetery Options at Valley of the Temples

    Cemetery View of the Property

    Having a gravesite at which you can mourn the loss of your loved one can have a profound healing effect. From mausoleums and gravestones to cremation gardens, Valley of the Temples Memorial Park in Oahu has a range of cemetery options. If you are interested in above-ground entombment, our Memorial Park offers a variety of private family mausoleums that will establish an enduring legacy for your loved one. If you prefer in-ground burial, we offer a number of burial sites throughout our peaceful and well-manicured grounds. We even offer private family estates, which are essentially private cemeteries inside our cemetery. We have a number of traditional burial options that can be customized based on your family’s needs and desires.

    Founded in 1963, Valley of the Temples Memorial Park Oahu offers many different cemetery arrangements on the island. Call us toll-free at (808) 239-8811 or visit our website to learn more about the cemetery arrangements and funeral services we offer. 

  • Tips for Preparing a Eulogy

    A funeral service is a time to share cherished memories of the deceased, to honor the loved one’s spiritual preferences, and to begin to move forward from the loss. Family members and close friends often give eulogies, or short speeches that honor the loved one. Funeral etiquette does not require that you give a eulogy if you are uncomfortable with the idea. However, if you would like to say a few words about the deceased, consider using the following tips to help you prepare.

    Tips for Preparing a Eulogy - Valley of the Temples - Hawaii

    Talk to Family Members and Friends

    Ahead of the funeral service, talk to family members and close friends of the decedent. Invite them to share their remembrances and stories with you. Offering mutual support in this manner is also beneficial for moving through the grieving process. Then, reflect upon the memories you have of the decedent, and what he or she meant to you.

    Establish a Main Focus

    Since eulogies are brief and you won’t be able to discuss all of the stories you have of your loved one, you should select a main focus for your speech. This might be life lessons that your loved one taught you, a special journey the two of you shared, or your loved one’s passion in life—such as being a volunteer or being wholly devoted to family. Organize your eulogy around this main focus; however, feel free to add in other important details that you think may help celebrate the life of the decedent.

    Practice Your Delivery

    Once you’ve written your eulogy, time yourself while speaking it aloud. You may need to shorten it if it’s longer than five minutes. Practice speaking the eulogy at a moderate pace. It’s perfectly natural to feel overwhelmed by emotions when speaking at the funeral service. You should feel free to take a pause to breathe deeply as needed. If you feel that you may be unable to continue or that you may not wish to read the eulogy aloud at all, you can ask a family member or friend to share it at the funeral in your stead.

    When it’s time to say goodbye to your loved one, Valley of the Temples Memorial Park is here to help. Our cemetery in Oahu provides unique cemetery arrangements and funeral services at our beautifully landscaped grounds. For more information about cemetery arrangements at our memorial park, please call (808) 239-8811 or explore our website.

  • Understanding the Stages of Grief

    Understanding the Stages of Grief - Valley of the Temples

    Grieving is a difficult process that is different for each person who experiences it. At Valley of the Temples Memorial Park in Oahu, we offer 24/7 grief support services on our website. While every person grieves differently and there’s no right way to grieve, many people find that the following five stages of grief are common.


    The first reaction in the grieving process is usually to deny reality. This is a totally normal way to deal with overwhelming emotions. In fact, it is a defense mechanism that protects us from the immediate shock. Blocking out words and hiding the facts is a normal part of this stage of grieving.


    After the feelings of denial wear off, reality begins to reemerge, and it feels intense. Many people reflect this intensity and express it in the form of anger. This anger is often pointed at family and friends, but can sometimes be aimed at the deceased. Anger may even be directed at oneself for feeling angry or being miserable.

    Regaining Control

    In this stage of grief, it’s normal to feel helpless and vulnerable. People in this stage start to think through “if only” scenarios. You may blame yourself or someone else, thinking that if things were different, your loved one would still be here.


    Sadness and regret are a predominant part of this stage of grief. It’s common in this stage to worry that family and friends have been neglected during the grieving process. During this stage it helps to hear a few kind words of reassurance.


    Marked by composure and withdrawal, this stage is one that not everyone experience. It does not come with happiness necessarily, but it is a stage that normally brings a greater sense of inner peace.

    At Valley of the Temples Memorial Park in Oahu, we invite you to visit our website to use our grief and support services. If you have any questions about the funeral pre-planning or cemetery arrangements, give us a call at (808) 239-8811. You can also contact us online if you would like more information about our cemetery arrangements