What Is Simple Ceremonial Cremation?

Cemetery Silhouette

Many people mistakenly believe that choosing cremation means that there can’t be a viewing or funeral service. In reality, there are many different options for cremations, including some that don’t include any type of service and some that involve both a visitation and funeral. Simple ceremonial cremation is one of these options.

With simple ceremonial cremation, the family hosts visitation for loved ones before the cremation is performed. After visitation, there is also a service for the lost family member that can be a traditional religious funeral or simply a private gathering. After the visitation and service, the cremation is performed and the ashes are prepared for final memorialization or returned to the family, depending on preferences.

Whether you’re pre-planning your own funeral or are planning the funeral of a loved one, Valley of the Temples can help you understand your options and make the appropriate arrangements. For more information, call us in Oahu at (888) 723-6620. 

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