• Answering Common Questions About Cremation

    The loss of a loved one is a tough time in a person’s life. If your loved one chose cremation instead of a traditional burial, use this guide to learn the answers to some common questions about the process and how it works:

    How Long Does Cremation Take?

    If your loved one has chosen a cremation ceremony, the process will take about 2 to 2 ½ hours. The cremation chamber is heated to a temperature range between 1400 and 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. The cremation center needs a few more hours to prepare the remains before they can return them to the family.

    Is a Cremation Done Individually?

    Most states require that cremation ceremonies are done individually. This means that your loved one will get the personalized ceremony that he or she deserves. Some states do allow family members to be cremated together as long as the next-of-kin consents to it.

    When Does the Cremation Take Place?

    Most states require a coroner or a medical examiner to authorize the procedure before the family can cremate the remains. Other states require a certain amount of time to pass before a family can cremate a loved one. Talk to the funeral service provider about the regulations in your state so you know when you can plan a cremation ceremony for your loved one.

    What Preparation Is Necessary Before Cremation?

    If your loved one had a pacemaker or another kind of medical device, you must remove it before the body can be cremated. You should also remove any jewelry or other items that you might want to keep because they will be destroyed during the cremation process.

    At Valley of the Temples, we want to give you and your family assistance during this difficult time. We offer personalized services for every family and beautiful, peaceful grounds where you can say goodbye to your loved one. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (808) 239-8811.

  • Exploring the Private Estate Options at Valley of the Temples

    Valley of the Temples offers a wide range of funeral services serving Oahu. If you and your family want to be buried close together, we offer private estates where you can enjoy your own private cemetery that sits inside of our larger cemetery.

    Our private estates offer amazing views of the Koolau mountains and the ocean so you and your loved ones can enjoy a beautiful and peaceful resting place. We have set aside large parts of our grounds to serve as private estate options for families who want to have their own private burial sites.

    Whether you want a traditional burial or a cremation ceremony, Valley of the Temples offers a wide range of services to help you through the loss of a loved one. We also offer grief counseling to help friends and family members deal with their feelings after a loss. To learn more about what we do, visit us online or call (808) 239-8811.

  • Comparing Burial and Cremation Options

    Making the decision of whether to bury or cremate a loved one is largely a matter of your loved one’s personal preferences. Often, individuals decide to pre-plan their burial services at a funeral home. If your loved one did not pre-plan his or her services, then you might consider making the decision based on your loved one’s religious or spiritual beliefs.

    As you’ll learn when you watch this video, there are many options for both burial services and cremation services. If you do choose cremation, for example, you could decide to bury the cremains in a cemetery and hold a cremation ceremony.

    Valley of the Temples provides respectful burial services in Oahu, in addition to assistance for those who wish to pre-plan a funeral. Families are invited to view our services on our website and call us at (808) 206-7610 for further guidance.

  • Identifying Signs that You Could Benefit from Grief Counseling

    Grief counseling in Oahu can help a wide range of people move past a traumatic experience. If you can relate to any of the following, you might want to think about working with a grief counselor in your area:

    Grief is Keeping You from Your Life

    The loss of a loved one affects everyone differently. If you have recently lost someone and your grief is preventing you from living your life, talking to a counselor may help you be able to help you process your feelings. If you are having trouble concentrating, sleeping, eating, or going to work, you should consider turning to a grief counselor for help.

    Depression Is Affecting Your Daily Activities

    Depression can affect people in different ways. If you notice that you are not socializing as much as you once did or you are finding it difficult to motivate yourself to go to work, you might be suffering from depression. Talking to a grief counselor can help you work through these emotions so they no longer impact your life.

    Your Behavior Is Changing

    Grief might also affect the way that you behave on a daily basis. If you are starting to drink more than normal or no longer do activities that you used to do, talking to a grief counselor can help you figure out the source of the change. Sometimes expressing your feelings allows you to see how they are affecting your life.

    Anxiety Is Overwhelming You

    A lot of people start to feel anxious after they go through a traumatic experience. If the loss of your loved one has elicited feelings of anxiety, it is important to talk to a counseling professional.

    Valley of the Temples is here to help you through the difficult time of losing a loved one. Since 1963, we have provided beautiful services and grief counseling to assist you through every step of the process. To learn more about our services and our hours, visit us online or call (808) 239-8811.