Exploring Personalized Memorials

Honoring a lost loved one is as much about celebrating the individual’s life as it is about healing from grief. At Valley of the Temples, a memorial park in Oahu, HI, we strive to help families choose a personalized memorial that will best reflect their loved one’s life, personality, and accomplishments. A funeral home director at our memorial park would be honored to help your family design a personalized memorial that tells the story of your loved one.

You may choose to place a personalized cremation island in our memorial park. Cremation islands commonly include a bust or statue of your loved one, tasteful landscaping, and inscriptions that capture his or her essence. We also provide personalized memorial benches, including an Army veteran bench, Marine veteran bench, and many more. Families can also choose from a variety of flat memorials, pedestals, MonuBenches, pedestal benches, and private cremation estates.

Since 1963, Oahu residents have turned to our funeral home and memorial park for solace following a loss. You can contact Valley of the Temples at (808) 206-7610 to discuss ways of honoring your loved one.