How to Talk to Your Family About Funeral Planning

For many people, pre-planning funeral services only makes sense because it enables them to express their preferences and it prevents family members from feeling unsure or conflicted regarding these important decisions. When it’s time to pre-plan a funeral, however, some individuals may find it difficult to discuss these issues with their family members.

Choosing the Right Time

When it comes to discussing emotionally charged issues, choosing the right time is especially important. For parents who need to discuss funeral services with their adult children, it may be best to discuss pre-planning when they have already established a plan. When adult children need to broach the subject with their aging parents, it’s generally best to have the conversation sooner, rather than later. Life holds unexpected surprises and delaying the conversation for too long may mean that it never takes place at all.

Talking to Aging Parents

Adult children often try to find a tactful way to broach this difficult subject with their aging parents. An adult child might say, “Mom, one of my friends recently lost a parent. I know this is difficult to talk about, but I want to make sure your wishes are respected when the time comes.” Another way to broach the subject is for adult children to discuss their own pre-planning decisions. If parents are willing to pre-plan a funeral, children could offer to go with them to meet the funeral director.

Talking to Adult Children

Parents might sometimes hesitate to discuss their funeral plans with their adult children because they don’t want to needlessly worry them. If a serious health issue did prompt the pre-planning process; however, it’s usually best to be upfront about this problem. Otherwise, parents can begin the conversation by reassuring their children that is no pressing health concern, but that they want to make the aftermath of a passing easier on the children when the time comes. Explain where the plan is located and answer questions about the details if you wish.

At Valley of the Temples, we believe that pre-planning funeral services is a natural part of the cycle of life. Our funeral home offers a variety of options to assist your family. You could begin pre-planning through our website or call us at (808) 206-7610 to arrange an appointment with one of our pre-planning advisors at our funeral home near Oahu, HI.