• Why Is Cremation Increasing in Popularity?


    Choosing how to be laid to rest is a personal choice. However, increasing numbers of people are working with funeral homes to choose cremation services. Read on to learn why cremation is gaining in popularity.

    Cremation is becoming the burial option of choice for many people because it is affordable. In addition, cremation can allow for more flexible memorial services than traditional burials. Choosing traditional burial can be expensive, as a casket and embalming services are required. With direct cremation, those expenses can be avoided. In addition, cremation allows for family members and the deceased to choose where the ashes will rest after the cremation process.

    If you are looking to learn more about cremation services, call Valley of the Temples at (808) 239-8811. Our expert staff can help you understand the benefits of cremation and help you to decide which burial option is best for you or your loved one.

  • A Guide to Offering Condolences

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    Knowing the appropriate gesture when someone you know suffers the loss of a loved one can be difficult. It can be hard to know whether you should be helping them sift through funeral services serving O’ahu, HI, or if you should simply send a sympathy card. Read on to learn how to offer your condolences to a friend or family member.

    Expressing Sympathy From Afar
    If you are far away from your friend or family member, it is important to express sympathy for their loss. There are many ways one can do this. Making a phone call to share your condolences is appropriate. Many times the phone call will go to voicemail, as your friend or family member will be receiving sympathy from others. Do not hesitate to leave a message about their loss. If they do answer, create a space for them to speak freely and as openly as they are comfortable about their loved one. Another acceptable form of showing condolences is by sending a sympathy card and/or flowers. In the card, make sure to acknowledge the deceased and express your sympathies.

    Expressing Sympathy in Person
    If you are nearby your friend or family member, create a space that allows them to speak freely and as openly as they want about the loss they are feeling. If it is fitting, you can support them by encouraging them to figure out what burial services are necessary. Also, it is common to bring food to someone who is going through the loss of a loved one. Make sure to call ahead to see what may be needed. You can also feel free to offer any other help around their house, but respect they may want space and time to process their grief.

    If you know someone who is suffering the loss of a loved one and needs help planning a funeral, call Valley Of The Temples at (808) 239-8811. Surrounded by beautiful gardens on the Windward side of O’ahu, Valley Of The Temples provides a peaceful landscape for your loved one.

  • A Brief History of Valley of the Temples

    For almost 50 years, Valley of the Temples Memorial Park has served the Oahu community with the most compassionate funeral services on the island. Founded in 1963 by Mr. Paul Trousdale, Valley of the Temples is a place of peace and serenity for both the living and the deceased. Our property is surrounded by a natural amphitheater of mountains overlooking the ocean for a truly breathtaking experience. Our gardens honor many faiths, including Christianity and Buddhism. We even have a replica of Japan’s 1,000-year-old Byodo-In Temple.

    For additional information about our grounds and funeral services, please visit our website or call us at (808) 206-7610. Our compassionate staff members are here to help you however they can, from pre-planning your own funeral to making funeral arrangements for loved one. We invite you to visit our property to tour our gardens and take in the natural beauty that has put so many families at peace over the last 50 years.

  • Tips for Explaining Cremation to Your Children

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    Cremation is a time-honored tradition that has been practiced for centuries by different cultures around the world. Unfortunately, the beauty of cremation is often lost on children who instead focus on the negative aspects such as the flames, the heat, and the ashes. It’s completely natural for children to be confused and even frightened by cremation, but it’s your job to help your children feel more at ease with this time-honored tradition. If your family will be attending a cremation service in Oahu, these tips will help you explain cremation to your children prior to the funeral.

    Choose Your Words Carefully
    The first thing to remember when explain cremation to very young children is to avoid using words such as “fire” or “burn” that may sound frightening. Instead, you might try to explain the process in terms of how heat changes turns the body into remains. It’s also important that your children understand that the deceased will feel no pain during the cremation, which is one of the biggest fears children have about the process.

    Explain the Historical and Cultural Significance
    You might also help your children feel more comfortable with the idea of cremation by explaining its historical and cultural significance. Cremation dates from at least 20,000 years ago in the archaeological record, and cremated remains can be found throughout the world dating back thousands of years.

    Talk with a Funeral Director
    If you aren’t sure how to explain cremation to your children, speak with the funeral director at the memorial park handling the cremation services. Funeral directors can provide you with resources that will help you explain cremation to your children in a way that helps them understand the spiritual significance of cremation and why their friend or loved one is being cremated.

    If you’re planning cremation services for a loved one, Valley of the Temples in Oahu, HI can help. We will assist you in creating a uniquely personal service for your loved one. Our grief counselors and funeral directors can also help you explain cremation to your family prior to the service. Please call us at (808) 206-7610 to learn more about our cremation services, funeral planning, and grief counseling.