• Flower Arrangements for Funerals

    Flowers are an important tradition in many funeral services. Arrangements honor the person who was lost and provide comfort to the loved ones he or she left behind. If you are purchasing flowers for a funeral, you may have questions about what to choose. This video will help with the decision process.

    When buying flowers for funeral services, consider which blooms the person who has passed liked best. A wreath or spray that can be displayed at the funeral home can be a good selection. The funeral home may be able to advise you if the family has flower preferences for the funeral ceremony.

    Valley of the Temples offers support to family and friends when planning funeral services in Oahu, HI. For advice about planning a funeral or information about burial and cremation services, please call (808) 239-8811.

  • How to Decide Between Cremation and Burial

    Cremation Oahu

    When you are planning a funeral, one of the biggest decisions you will have to make is whether to choose cremation or burial. This question looms large if you are pre-planning a funeral or if you are planning funeral services for a loved one who has passed. There are several different factors to consider when you are weighing the options. Here are some things to keep in mind as you make your decision.

    Religious Beliefs
    Some people have strong religious convictions that dictate the way they want to be treated after death, including what kind of ceremony to have and whether to be cremated or buried. Honoring these preferences is usually the first consideration when determining the proper choice regarding funeral services. If you or your loved one have a religious or cultural tie that disapproves of cremation or burial, then the choice is relatively straight forward.

    Cost is a major consideration most people have when they visit a funeral home. Generally, cremation is a less expensive process because you may not require a casket or embalming. However, depending on your choices for a funeral ceremony, these costs are still necessary for cremation. For instance, if you plan to have a viewing at the funeral home or a funeral ceremony before the cremation, embalming will be necessary and you may have to purchase or rent a casket.

    Memorialization Preferences
    Some people prefer to have a headstone in a cemetery to visit when they want to pay their respects to their loved ones. Others, especially those who live far away from the cemetery, may prefer the ability to keep their loved one close that cremation provides. With cremation, the ashes can be stored in an urn that travels with loved ones, divided among family members, or scattered on a significant place. If you choose cremation but also want a cemetery to visit, you can store the ashes in a mausoleum.

    Valley of the Temples funeral home is here to help you make the right choice between burial and cremation in Oahu, HI. When you need our services for a loved one or assistance as you pre-plan a funeral, call us at (808) 239-8811.

  • What Happens at a Buddhist Funeral?

    Buddhist Funeral Tradition Oahu

    If you are attending a Buddhist funeral, you may have questions about what to expect. Calling the funeral home hosting the funeral is a good way for guests to get insight into questions about cultural traditions to honor, such as respectful dressing. This look at Buddhist funeral services will also help you understanding the traditions.

    Immediately After a Death
    There are no specific steps that are required immediately after death in the Buddhist faith, however, some members of the Buddhist community do adhere to certain rules. Some people believe that a fellow Buddhist should be present during and immediately after a death, and that the body remain with that person for up to four hours after death. There is also a tradition, honored by some, that no autopsy or cremation should occur until at least three-and-a-half days after the death. Embalming should not be performed during this time, if allowed by the funeral home.

    Funeral Services
    Buddhist funeral traditions are very diverse. There is no single funeral ceremony practice that is recognized by all members of the community. Typically, a Buddhist teacher or community member can perform the funeral service in keeping with the preferences of the person who is deceased. Often, Buddhists will indicate what traditions—such as Zen or Tibetan—resonate the most with them, and the family will plan the funeral according to those customs. Many Buddhists are cremated, though some do choose burial.

    Because Buddhists funeral traditions are so varied, pre-planning a funeral can be extremely helpful to families. You can work with a funeral home to design the services that you want while alleviating the stress your family could face trying to make these decisions while they are in the process of mourning.

    Valley of the Temples Memorial Park is experienced in planning Buddhist funeral services in Oahu, HI and can help you honor your faith or that of a loved one during the planning process. From our Byodo-In Temple to our peaceful grounds, we are dedicated to providing essential services for Buddhist funerals. To learn more about our services, please call (808) 239-8811.

  • How to Personalize a Funeral Ceremony

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    A funeral ceremony gives the friends and family of a deceased person an opportunity to come together and honor the person they have lost. Personalizing the ceremony is one way to ensure you provide a fitting tribute to your lost loved one. Your funeral home can offer several ways to make funeral services feel personal, so work with them to plan a ceremony that feels like a reflection of the person you are honoring.

    Music and flowers are a great way to capture the personality of the person you have lost and bring back happy memories for the people in attendance. You can also work with your funeral home to add elements to traditional services, such as a butterfly release ceremony or a tribute video. Planting a Hawaiian tree legacy or having a memorial bench or other feature added to the cemetery in honor of your loved one creates a place to for family and friends to visit in the future.

    Let Valley of the Temples Memorial Park help you design a personalized funeral ceremony near Oahu, HI in our beautiful funeral home and cemetery grounds. Get answers to your questions by calling (808) 239-8811.

  • There are no words to express our sorrow for the people in Paris at this time.

    There are no words to express our sorrow for the people in Paris at this time. The tragedy cuts to the core of what we do and why we do it. We are sending love and saying prayers for the people of France, their friends, and families.