• Choosing Readings for a Funeral

    Readings often play an important role in funeral services. They can capture the memory of a lost loved one and provide comfort for the grieving. If you are tasked with choosing a reading for a funeral, this video will help.

    When choosing a reading, first consider if your lost loved one had any favorite poets or authors that could be good starting points. Next, think about the parts of your loved one’s life that you want to highlight and seek readings that make that point.

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  • How to Memorialize Cremated Remains

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    Choosing cremation services after a loved one passes opens up questions about the proper way to store the cremains. Your funeral home can help you explore all of the options, including placing them in a mausoleum niche or entombment. Here are some of the options to consider as you determine the best way to memorialize your loved one’s cremated ashes.

    Home Storage
    One of the benefits some people see to cremation services is that you can keep your loved one close by storing his or her ashes at home. The ashes can be placed in an urn that you can display on a shelf in your house, and they can even be separated into multiple urns so that other family members can also maintain that connection. Urns come in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors to allow you to pick the most fitting tribute to your lost loved one.

    Cemetery Options
    Several traditional cemetery options are suited to cremation remains. Some families choose to put the remains in a traditional burial plot with a headstone. Other families opt to use a niche in a mausoleum. At Valley of the Temples Memorial Park, our Haka House, Byodo-In Temple, and cremation islands are all also potential memorial options for cremated remains. Cremation benches and memorial rocks placed in cemeteries are also popular options.

    Glass or Diamonds
    For a unique memorial, some people choose to have a portion of the ashes converted into glass or laboratory-grown diamonds. The glass can be made in to a decorative piece while the diamonds can be turned into jewelry. Other types of cremation jewelry, such as lockets, allow you to keep a small amount of the cremains with you.

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  • Your Guide to Writing an Obituary

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    Obituaries are important parts of funeral services, but being asked to present one can be overwhelming. Keep in mind that the obituary you write can come from the heart, and that you will be surrounded by family and friends who share in your grief when you deliver it. These tips will help you prepare for future funeral services.

    Start by making a list of the points you want to highlight. It is a good to share the achievements of your lost loved one, but also remember to include glimpses into his or her personality. Your list will help you organize your thoughts and prevent you from leaving out important points. Ask other people close to the deceased to share their own memories so you can incorporate a variety of relationships into your speech.

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  • A Look at Catholic Funeral Rites

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    As with all religions, the Catholic Church has specific funeral traditions. Catholic funerals usually have three parts. Family members and friends may take part in all parts of the rites or only select events. When you are planning a Catholic funeral, your funeral home can help you make the appropriate plans to adhere to the traditions of the church. Here are the three parts you can expect to find at Catholic funerals.

    The vigil is similar to what other traditions call a wake. During this time, loved ones of the deceased come together for prayers and fellowship in the days leading up the funeral service. Vigils are usually held at a funeral home and may last for one day or over the course of multiple days. There is typically a part of the vigil that is devoted to readings and prayers that are offered by a member of the clergy. Sometimes, eulogies are shared at the vigil rather than the funeral service itself.

    Funeral Liturgy
    The funeral liturgy is usually celebrated as part of a Mass, but it can be celebrated in the funeral home outside of a Mass ceremony. The liturgy is intended to be a celebration of the Catholic tenant of life after death rather than an expression of grief. As such, some clergy prefer not to include eulogies at the funeral liturgy, though some do accommodate them. The funeral home and church can help you make the appropriate plans.

    Rite of Committal
    The rite of committal usually takes place at the location of internment, such as at the site of the cemetery and burial plot. The attendees share prayers and a final goodbye at this point. In the case of cremation, the rite of committal can take place at another location, such as the funeral home.

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