A Look at Catholic Funeral Rites

Catholic Funeral Oahu

As with all religions, the Catholic Church has specific funeral traditions. Catholic funerals usually have three parts. Family members and friends may take part in all parts of the rites or only select events. When you are planning a Catholic funeral, your funeral home can help you make the appropriate plans to adhere to the traditions of the church. Here are the three parts you can expect to find at Catholic funerals.

The vigil is similar to what other traditions call a wake. During this time, loved ones of the deceased come together for prayers and fellowship in the days leading up the funeral service. Vigils are usually held at a funeral home and may last for one day or over the course of multiple days. There is typically a part of the vigil that is devoted to readings and prayers that are offered by a member of the clergy. Sometimes, eulogies are shared at the vigil rather than the funeral service itself.

Funeral Liturgy
The funeral liturgy is usually celebrated as part of a Mass, but it can be celebrated in the funeral home outside of a Mass ceremony. The liturgy is intended to be a celebration of the Catholic tenant of life after death rather than an expression of grief. As such, some clergy prefer not to include eulogies at the funeral liturgy, though some do accommodate them. The funeral home and church can help you make the appropriate plans.

Rite of Committal
The rite of committal usually takes place at the location of internment, such as at the site of the cemetery and burial plot. The attendees share prayers and a final goodbye at this point. In the case of cremation, the rite of committal can take place at another location, such as the funeral home.

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