• The Steps of Arranging a Cremation

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    If a loved one has passed away and you’re tasked with arranging cremation services, you probably have a lot of questions. A staff member at your funeral home or crematorium should be able to guide you through the process of planning a cremation ceremony. Here is a look at the basic steps of arranging cremation services through a funeral home or crematorium.

    Review the Funeral Home’s Cremation Packages
    Many funeral homes and crematoriums offer different cremation packages so clients can choose the one that is right for their deceased loved one. These packages are designed to meet various needs and budgets, and can even be customized to ensure that you get the precise services you need. Review these cremation packages carefully, and choose one that offers only the services you need, so that you don’t end up spending money unnecessarily.

    Obtain Necessary Pre-Cremation Items
    Prior to the cremation, you must have certain items ready. You’ll need to pick out a cremation urn, and your funeral home or crematorium will require you to sign a cremation authorization form for their records. You will need to provide the funeral home with a copy of the death certificate. You may also want to place an obituary or memorial notice in your local newspaper. You can also decide whether you want to bury the remains, scatter them, or divide them up among friends and family.

    Decide if You Want to Hold a Cremation Ceremony or Memorial

    You don’t need to hold a formal cremation ceremony or memorial, but many people like to do so. The funeral director at your funeral home can aid you in planning a cremation ceremony or memorial if you decide that is what you’d prefer. You can also arrange to have the remains entombed or interred in a columbarium or memorial park.

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  • Funeral Etiquette for the Bereaved

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    After the loss of a loved one, it may be very hard to imagine how you’ll make it through a funeral ceremony. Most people will be very understanding of your behavior and feelings, and won’t make any unnecessary demands of you in your time of grief. You should prepare yourself for the funeral service, however, so that you can offer the appropriate gratitude to those who have come to pay their respects.

    You should greet the funeral service attendees when you can, and thank them for offering their support. You should also prepare yourself for interacting with guests who might not know what to say or how to offer grief support to you. After the funeral and burial services are over, you should send thank you notes to your officiant and guests who participated in the funeral service or acted as pallbearers.

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  • What to Expect at a Jewish Funeral

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    If you’ve recently been invited to attend a Jewish funeral ceremony, you might be wondering what to expect. It’s important to understand Jewish funeral customs, so that you can be sure you’re as respectful as possible throughout the service. Here’s a look at some of the things that you can expect at a Jewish funeral service.

    The Funeral Service
    Jewish funeral services can be held at the cemetery alongside the burial plot, or they can be held at a synagogue or temple. The faith designates specific family members as official mourners of the deceased, including parents, children, spouses, and siblings. These family members do not greet the funeral attendees until after the burial service. Before the funeral service begins, the mourners will be ushered to the front rows of the synagogue. An officiant or rabbi delivers a eulogy and prayers, and then the mourners exit the synagogue.

    The Burial Service
    After the funeral service, the body is transported to the cemetery for burial. The casket is lowered into the burial plot either during or after certain prayers are recited. Mourners and attendees then place dirt over the casket, either ceremoniously, or until the entire casket is covered. According to Jewish tradition, the casket should be simple, plain, and constructed only of wood.

    Providing Grief Support
    If you are not an official mourner of the deceased, your presence at the funeral service is a great source of comfort to the mourners. After the burial service is complete, the attendees form two parallel lines facing each other. The mourners walk past the lines as a mourning prayer is recited. The family then returns to their home to accept grief support, mourn, and participate in shiva.

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  • Writing a Funeral Thank You Card

    After a funeral service, it is proper etiquette to send thank you cards to anyone who participated in the funeral service or burial service. This includes your funeral officiant, your pallbearers and ushers, anyone who delivered a eulogy, and anyone else who was a part of the funeral ceremony.

    Watch this video for some great tips on writing thank you cards after a funeral service. You can ask friends and family to help you with this task if necessary.

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