The Steps of Arranging a Cremation

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If a loved one has passed away and you’re tasked with arranging cremation services, you probably have a lot of questions. A staff member at your funeral home or crematorium should be able to guide you through the process of planning a cremation ceremony. Here is a look at the basic steps of arranging cremation services through a funeral home or crematorium.

Review the Funeral Home’s Cremation Packages
Many funeral homes and crematoriums offer different cremation packages so clients can choose the one that is right for their deceased loved one. These packages are designed to meet various needs and budgets, and can even be customized to ensure that you get the precise services you need. Review these cremation packages carefully, and choose one that offers only the services you need, so that you don’t end up spending money unnecessarily.

Obtain Necessary Pre-Cremation Items
Prior to the cremation, you must have certain items ready. You’ll need to pick out a cremation urn, and your funeral home or crematorium will require you to sign a cremation authorization form for their records. You will need to provide the funeral home with a copy of the death certificate. You may also want to place an obituary or memorial notice in your local newspaper. You can also decide whether you want to bury the remains, scatter them, or divide them up among friends and family.

Decide if You Want to Hold a Cremation Ceremony or Memorial

You don’t need to hold a formal cremation ceremony or memorial, but many people like to do so. The funeral director at your funeral home can aid you in planning a cremation ceremony or memorial if you decide that is what you’d prefer. You can also arrange to have the remains entombed or interred in a columbarium or memorial park.

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