• Choosing a Cemetery Cremation Option

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    As you begin planning cremation services for a loved one, you’ll need to make some important decisions. For instance, you may want to have your loved one’s ashes buried or entombed in a memorial park. Cemetery cremation services allow you to create a lasting memorial that friends and family can visit.

    You can choose a Haka House, which is a private family burial plot that includes a gravestone, or stone monument, and is located in a cemetery or memorial park. Instead of a Haka House, you might be interested in an interment of the cremation urn in a public or private niche in a beautiful temple or columbarium. Or, you can choose to have the cremation urn interred or entombed in a public mausoleum in a cemetery or memorial park.

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  • Should You Write Your Own Eulogy?

    When you pre-plan your funeral, you have the opportunity to set up a payment plan for funeral and burial services, pick out your own gravestone and burial plot, and dictate the details of your memorial service. You can even write your own obituary or eulogy.

    Watch this video if you would like help deciding whether you should write your own eulogy when funeral-planning. You’ll hear three reasons why writing your own eulogy is a great idea.

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  • What to Expect When You Attend a Post-Funeral Reception

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    Many families choose to hold a memorial service or reception after the funeral service and burial service are over. The purpose of the reception is typically to thank those who attended the funeral service, and give people a chance to share memories and comfort one another. Here is a look at what you can expect when you attend a post-funeral reception.

    Refreshments or a Meal
    Most receptions have light refreshments or a meal. The reception may be held in a private home, restaurant, church, or funeral home. Some families request that guests bring dishes to share, and you should always ask the family of the deceased if there is anything that you can bring. If you are considering bringing alcohol to the reception, you should check with the family first. Some religions prohibit the consumption of alcohol at memorial or funeral services.

    Sharing Stories and Memories About the Deceased
    A post-funeral reception offers mourners the chance to share stories and memories about the deceased in a more casual setting than a funeral home, church, or cemetery. If you choose to share a memory, it’s best if you share one that is positive or light-hearted. You should behave politely and show respect for the family of the deceased at all times. If you did not know the deceased very well, you should not feel pressured to share any memories.

    Offering and Receiving Comfort
    Another important purpose of a reception is to offer comfort to and receive comfort from other mourners. A reception is an opportunity for grief support, and you should feel free to reach out to others if necessary. You should also offer comfort, support, and sympathy to anyone who needs it.

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  • Advice for Preparing for a Military Funeral

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    When you are planning a funeral service for a veteran, you have access to certain benefits awarded to those who have served our country. The funeral director at your funeral home can help you determine what funeral and burial service benefits your loved one is eligible for, and may be able to help you coordinate these benefits through the VA. Here is some helpful advice for arranging a funeral and burial service for a member of the military.

    Prepare the Necessary Information for the Funeral Director
    The funeral director at your funeral home will need certain information in order to begin coordinating your loved one’s funeral services. He’ll need to know if your loved one received an honorable discharge, and will then contact the closest field office responsible for processing military funeral requests.

    Determine Which Cemetery You Want to Use
    A veteran can be buried in a national cemetery, a state veteran’s cemetery, a National Parks Service cemetery, Arlington National Cemetery, or in a private cemetery. If you choose anything other than a private cemetery, you will need to provide proof of your loved one’s eligibility. Your funeral home director will handle most of the details of the burial service, and the government will cover most of the expenses. If you choose a private cemetery, your funeral home director can take care of the funeral and burial service arrangements, but you will need to seek reimbursement for expenses on your own.

    Arrange Military Funeral Honors
    Your loved one may be entitled to military funeral honors, which can be arranged by contacting the honor guard representative for the branch of the military in which he served. You can also obtain a veteran’s gravestone and a burial flag by contacting your regional VA office.

    If you’re planning funeral services on Oahu, HI for a veteran, come see us at Valley of the Temples Memorial Park. Our compassionate funeral home staff has extensive experience arranging funeral and burial services for veterans. To learn more about our funeral home and services, call us today at (808) 239-8811.