• Delegating Tasks During Funeral Pre-Planning

    Funeral Planning Oahu

    Planning your own funeral services may seem a little grim, but you and your family will rest easier knowing the important details of your remembrance have been taken care of in advance. These details may include the specifics of your funeral, such as the obituary, music, and flowers, but it can also include a living will, people to contact, and arrangements for your pets.

    If you feel overwhelmed trying to remember or plan every eventuality for your funeral service, consult your funeral home. The employees are trained to help you and your family make it through these difficult times. They want this transition to unfold as smoothly as possible for you. When delegating responsibilities in the event of your death, be sure to give a copy of your will to your executor. If you have specific requests in your will, this will be the easiest way for them to be carried out. Have a list of the important numbers, account information, and policies your executor may need.

    When pre-planning a funeral near Oahu, HI, call Valley of the Temples Memorial Park at (808) 239-8811. We will be there for you and your family every step of the way, whether you want to learn more about cremation or burial plots.

  • Painter Daniel Wang at Valley of the Temples

    Watercolorist Daniel Wang has been making art since he was 12 years old, living in Shanghai. He paints in the Lingnan style, combining ink and watercolor. His love of nature is evident in his themes: waterfalls in bamboo forests, galloping horses, koi in a pond.

    Wang says that the majority of people in the United States do not understand Chinese traditional painting, so he adapted his motifs to include Hawaiian flowers, such as orchids and protea.In 2001, his year’s wildlife stamp was has lived in Honolulu for 27 years. created by Honolulu’s Wang, using a Chinese brush painting style that depicts the Green Pheasant in a forest setting. Wang was born in Shanghai, China, and

    Exhibitions of his work have also been held in Hong Kong, San Francisco, Canada, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore, where he has received widespread recognition. Wang was once selected by VSA arts as one of four artists from throughout the United States to be chosen to be honored in Los Angeles. Wang, who is deaf, produces some of the finest Chinese watercolors available today. Visit our website for an updated events schedule to see Daniel Wang at Valley of the Temples.

  • Sumi-E Art Demo at The Byodo-In Temple

    Valley of the Temples

    Visit our website for an updated events schedule !

  • How to Choose an Executor of Your Will

    Funeral Home Oahu

    It is always important to have an advocate for you and your wishes. This is true in life and in death. When choosing the executor of your will, you want someone who is trustworthy, respected, and organized enough to represent your estate and funeral service wishes. This may seem like an easy choice, but it may require some forethought.

    Who Can, and Who Should, Be My Executor?
    Almost anyone you might choose can be the executor to your last will and testament. You might choose your spouse, remaining siblings, or your children over 18 years old. No matter your choice, keep in mind that your executor should be ready to distribute your assets, pay bills or taxes owed by your estate, and possibly make court appearances. Your executor also might have to deal with family arguments, challenges to the will, and other issues that may pop up in your absence. Your executor should be an honest person ready for the sometimes overwhelming task of handling your estate. Also, keep in mind the laws of your resident state. There might be limitations or bond payments required if your executor lives in a different state than you.

    Should My Executor Speak Legalese?
    Your executor should be someone competent, willing, and organized enough to handle everything you’re leaving behind. It’s not a requirement that they be a lawyer or even hire a lawyer. Most forms are simple enough for a layman to understand, and if they need help, they can usually ask the courts to assign or recommend someone versed in probate law. If you know someone who is reliable and knowledgeable in law, you may consider asking them to help your executor when the time comes.

    When you’re pre-planning your funeral services and the handling of your estate, don’t let your loved ones become overwhelmed. With the help of your cemetery and funeral home near Oahu, HI, determine who is best to advocate for your wishes after you’re gone. Call Valley of the Temples Memorial Park at (808) 239-8811 for all your funeral planning needs.

  • The Truth About Grieving

    When you have to arrange funeral services for someone you love, it can feel like your entire world has turned upside down. You aren’t dealing with just the loss of that person, but the change that comes with that loss. However you deal with that change is neither right nor wrong; it’s your way of grieving, and it’s different for everyone.

    Grief over a loss is a process of learning your new life, not a task to get over someone. Get grief support that’s right for you. Talk to someone, possibly at the funeral home, or write in a journal, and don’t forget to take care of yourself.

    If you’re in need of grief counseling in Oahu, HI, call Valley of the Temples Memorial Park at (808) 239-8811. We are here to help in the best way for you, whether you want to learn about funeral services, cremation, or grief counseling.

  • Common Questions About Attending a Funeral

    Funeral Home Oahu

    When attending funeral services, you might have many questions. What should I say? When do I visit? These questions and more are important to consider when comforting someone. Whether you are an immediate family member, a good friend, or a brief acquaintance, know that your presence is important in this trying time.

    What Should I Say?
    Be kind, and be yourself. Simply saying “I’m sorry for your loss” can be enough. Attending the funeral services of a friend’s loved one shows support in many ways, though they may not realize it until later. You can also offer a kind ear if they need to talk or wish to share a fond memory. No matter what you say, or what you offer, think about the person you’re speaking to. Be respectful in their time of need, as you would want them to be during your time.

    What Should I Wear?
    Tradition has always been to wear dark colors and semi-formal suits and dresses. As funeral and memorial services have changed, so too have the dictated dress guidelines. Sometimes funeral attendees will wear a memorial t-shirt or a show of support for a cause close to the deceased. Other services might be less formal, in accordance with the deceased’s and loved ones’ wishes, and ask that you wear colors based on their religious preference, or colors of the deceased’s favorite sports team, or Hawaiian-style shirts they loved. If there are specific requests, follow them as best you can, and when in doubt, wear something dark or neutral.

    Should I Bring My Children?
    Attending a funeral service can be stressful for anyone. Your child may ask questions to understand what’s happening and why people are upset. They may even become frightened if they see the deceased’s body. Only you have an idea of how your child will react, whether it’s with respect, misunderstanding, or fear. Keep this in mind when deciding if they should attend.

    You may have many questions regarding funeral services near Oahu, HI. Valley of the Temples Memorial Park is here to answer them at (808) 239-8811. Give us a call for information about funeral planning and grief support at our cemetery.

  • Designer Jewelry By Emiko Hirata at Valley of the Temples

    Designer Jewelry


    Emiko Hirata

    Materials: Crystals, Pearls, Precious Stones

    Emiko Hirata is a jewelry designer. Her previous experience in retail sales in Waikiki extended her welcome to join the Temple Gift Shop of the Valley Of The Temples, LLC (an affiliate of NorthStar Memorial Group, LLC, Houston, Texas).

    When a Swarovski crystal or a freshwater pearl is arranged with certain colored beads or glass, the colors and textures make the crystal or pearl seem to come alive. The beautiful colors and textures make Emiko feel very happy. She anticipates the pendant, necklace, earring or bracelet that she creates shall make the person wearing it feel very happy, too.

    Byodo-in Temple is a “temple of equality” a gathering place of people from all over the world. This is the perfect venue for this designer. Like those invited artists, crafters and book authors to the temple on different days, Mrs. Emiko Hirata is pleased to share a portion of the sales proceeds to the Company for maintenance of the temple and ground. Valley of the Temples Memorial Park is a privately owned property. Hawaii Byodo-in Temple is a replica of Byodo-in, Uji-City, Kyoto, Japan, and the Hawaii one is actually a columbarium behind the Buddha statue.

    Temple Admission: $3/adult, $2/senior $1/child

    Information, call at 239-9844 and visit us online to see an updated event schedule.

    (Schedule may change without notice / Weather Permitting)