• What to Consider When You’re Choosing Cremation

    Many people choose cremation because of personal, environmental, or religious reasons. If you are making your own final arrangements or planning a funeral for a loved one, it is important to know what to consider when you’re choosing cremation. Keep reading for some key questions to ask regarding the cremation services planning process.

    Will There Be a Memorial?

    There are different options to allow family members and loved ones to have an opportunity to pay their final respects to an individual who has chosen cremation. As with a burial, a cremation memorial service can be an important aspect of the grieving process. Memorial services allow loved ones to honor the departed individual and celebrate his or her life. When choosing cremation, you can opt to have a ceremonial cremation service with a full body visitation before cremation services. Another option is a memorial cremation service, where family members and loved ones are invited to pay their respects at a service where the remains are present in a ceremonial urn.

    Where Will The Remains Be Kept?

    After cremation, many people choose to have the ashes kept in a ceremonial urn. A beautiful, customized urn made from a timeless material such as wood, stone, or glass can be a wonderful monument to a beloved family member. The urn can be brought home, prominently displayed, and then passed down from generation to generation. Another option is to have the urn housed in a mausoleum niche or buried on the grounds of the cemetery.

    Will The Ashes be Scattered?

    Scattering the ashes in a beautiful or meaningful outdoor location is an option that many individuals choose. In this case, the remains can be placed in a temporary container after cremation. The staff at your memorial park can assist you in determining how to go about the process of scattering the ashes in a way that ensures you are following legal regulations.

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  • Choosing a Hawaiian Tree Legacy

    Planting a tree in memorial of a lost loved one or friend is a time-honored tradition. Trees symbolize enduring hope, growing stronger each year and budding with life. When incorporated into funeral service arrangements at a cemetery, the Hawaiian Tree Legacy is a thoughtful addition that will benefit not just those affected by a recent loss, but also future generations and the planet.

    If you choose the Hawaiian Tree Legacy as part of your funeral service arrangements, a Koa Tree will be planted in Hilo, memorializing your loved one to all who stop to admire the beauty of this legendary Hawaiian tree. The Koa has played an important role in Hawaiian culture for countless generations. Koa trees are native to Hawaii, and symbolize integrity and strength. Wood from the Koa is even used in traditional Hawaiian weddings as a symbol of lasting commitment.

    If you are interested in learning more about the Koa tree and how a Hawaiian Tree Legacy can memorialize your loved one, call Valley of the Temples Memorial Park at (808) 239-8811. One of our thoughtful staff members will be happy to help you choose a fitting memorial for your loved one that extends beyond our beautiful cemetery grounds in Oahu, HI.

  • What Happens at a Catholic Funeral?

    A Catholic funeral is a unique and meaningful experience to attend for loved ones of any religion. This special funeral service incorporates a traditional three-part process as family members and friends say their final goodbyes. Keep reading for an overview of what happens at a traditional Catholic funeral.

    Vigil Service

    Commonly referred to as a Wake, the vigil for the recently deceased takes place between the time of death and the Funeral Liturgy. It is generally held the day or night before the Funeral Liturgy, and can take place at a family home, a church, or a funeral home. During this rite of a Catholic funeral, prayers, songs, psalms, and reflection accompany readings from the Sacred Scripture. Eulogies on the life of the deceased are an integral part of this vigil.

    Funeral Liturgy

    The Funeral Liturgy typically occurs the day of, or evening before the Rite of Committal. It is generally celebrated at a church or at a funeral home. During this rite, the deceased’s casket is sprinkled with holy water and the pall is placed by loved ones or family members. The Liturgy of the Eucharist is celebrated at this time, which includes the Presentation Song, the Preparation of the Gifts, and the Communion Song.

    Rite of Committal

    The committal is the final rite in a Catholic funeral service. This is the portion of a Catholic funeral that takes place beside the burial site. In the case of in-ground burials, the Rite of Committal will occur beside the open grave in the cemetery. For burials in mausoleums, the ceremony will usually take place adjacent to the place of interment. The deceased’s casket is lowered into the burial plot. This is the most brief, but most somber element of a Catholic funeral as loved ones and friends bid the deceased farewell as he or she returns to God.

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  • Comforting a Grieving Teen

    It can be difficult to know where to begin when comforting a grieving teen. Well-meaning friends may approach your teen during a family member’s funeral service or at the cemetery to offer kind words of condolences. However, phrases like “I’m sorry for your loss” can make your teen feel more alienated and alone.

    One of the best ways to comfort a grieving teen is to offer support without pressure. Acknowledge the loss and share memories, but do not show pity, treat the teen abnormally, or put the teen on the spot.

    If you have recently lost a loved one and are planning funeral services, consider also seeking grief support to help teens and other family members cope with your family’s loss. Grief counseling in Oahu, HI is part of our funeral services at Valley of the Temples Memorial Park. Call us at (808) 239-8811 to learn more about our grief support services.