What to Consider When You’re Choosing Cremation

Many people choose cremation because of personal, environmental, or religious reasons. If you are making your own final arrangements or planning a funeral for a loved one, it is important to know what to consider when you’re choosing cremation. Keep reading for some key questions to ask regarding the cremation services planning process.

Will There Be a Memorial?

There are different options to allow family members and loved ones to have an opportunity to pay their final respects to an individual who has chosen cremation. As with a burial, a cremation memorial service can be an important aspect of the grieving process. Memorial services allow loved ones to honor the departed individual and celebrate his or her life. When choosing cremation, you can opt to have a ceremonial cremation service with a full body visitation before cremation services. Another option is a memorial cremation service, where family members and loved ones are invited to pay their respects at a service where the remains are present in a ceremonial urn.

Where Will The Remains Be Kept?

After cremation, many people choose to have the ashes kept in a ceremonial urn. A beautiful, customized urn made from a timeless material such as wood, stone, or glass can be a wonderful monument to a beloved family member. The urn can be brought home, prominently displayed, and then passed down from generation to generation. Another option is to have the urn housed in a mausoleum niche or buried on the grounds of the cemetery.

Will The Ashes be Scattered?

Scattering the ashes in a beautiful or meaningful outdoor location is an option that many individuals choose. In this case, the remains can be placed in a temporary container after cremation. The staff at your memorial park can assist you in determining how to go about the process of scattering the ashes in a way that ensures you are following legal regulations.

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