• The Advantages of Pre-Planning a Funeral

    If you feel anxious at the thought of your family being left with the decisions and organization of your funeral service after your passing, then you may wish to pre-plan a funeral.

    Less Worry

    One of the greatest advantages that you will enjoy when you pre-plan a funeral is peace of mind. When you know that you will be honored in the way that you would like after your passing, you can potentially enjoy your remaining time with your loved ones more fully and with less worry. Pre-planning a funeral ensures that your wishes will be known after your death, such as burial versus cremation, and comes at no cost to you. Instead, this process helps you plan for the expense of a funeral ahead of time.

    Early Preparation

    For individuals who are concerned about leaving the costs of their funeral as the responsibility of their family members, funeral pre-planning allows them to pre-fund the services. Taking this step ensures that the costs of your funeral will be covered when the time comes. Additionally, pre-funding can protect you and your family members from the effects of inflation, which may otherwise increase your funeral costs as time passes

    Reduced Burden

    Funeral planning can be both painful and stressful for your surviving family after your passing. While dealing with the grief of losing a loved one, they will also be forced to select a funeral home, organize a ceremony, and decide on burial services that they hope you would have wanted. By pre-planning your funeral, you remove this burden from your family. Your loved ones will know precisely what you wanted, eliminating the guesswork and stressful decision-making.

    If you think that you and your family could benefit from these advantages, then call Valley of the Temples Memorial Park today at (808) 239-8811. We can help you pre-plan a funeral in Oahu, HI so you can rest easy with the knowledge that your funeral services will be in order at the time of your passing.

  • Proper Etiquette at a Chinese Funeral

    Displaying proper behavior and decorum while attending a funeral service is essential for showing your sympathy toward the family and your respect for the deceased. If you plan to attend a Chinese funeral, there are a few types of proper etiquette of which you should be aware.

    Practice customary politeness.

    If the Chinese funeral service is held in a temple, be prepared to remove your shoes before entering. This act shows respect for the building as well as for the deceased and his family. There will also be times that people bow as a display of respect. You can practice good etiquette by following the lead of other mourners when you are unsure when to bow or remove your shoes.

    Wear respectful attire.

    Choose conservative clothing to wear at the funeral or viewing. Dark colors and black are common clothing color choices worn by mourners, but not a requirement. Avoid wearing red to a Chinese funeral, as this color represents prosperity and happiness, and to do so would be an example of extremely poor etiquette. The grieving family will commonly wear white, a color traditionally associated with sadness.

    Express your condolences.

    To convey your sympathy to the family, write a heartfelt note that expresses your grief over the loss of the deceased. If you were close with the person, consider including words about a fond memory that you have of the deceased, and adding an appropriate poem or verse to the note is a commonly held practice. Also, send the family flowers, but be sure to instruct the florist to include nothing red, such as flowers, ribbons, or the vase. Instead, request yellow or white flowers and accessories.

    If you are planning a funeral near Oahu, HI, consider having the burial service and ceremony provided by Valley of the Temples Memorial Park. We offer a variety of signature services, cemetery options, and more to help you honor the deceased. You can reach us at (808) 239-8811 to learn more.

  • We Honor Our Fallen Heros

    Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with our city of #Dallas, the law enforcement community, DART, and those impacted by this tragedy.

    You may use our online tribute page to send your thoughts to fallen officer’s families. You can also comment on this Facebook thread or come into our funeral home and sign a dedicated registry book.

    Your comments will be packaged up and sent to the families of the fallen officers. For more information, visit us online.

  • Ways to Honor a Loved One

    After losing a loved one, you may struggle to find a means to honor her passing in a way that is unique, memorable, and respectful. By arranging funeral services that pay tribute to the deceased in a ceremony that is personal and commemorative, you can celebrate and honor the life that she lived.

    Planning a funeral ceremony is your chance to arrange a beautiful, personal, and final goodbye for your loved one. You are likely to find a wide range of services and ceremonies to choose from that can honor the deceased in a way she would have loved. Additionally, you can select from several burial services, such as in-ground burial, above ground entombment, traditional burial, and cremation memorialization.

    Valley of the Temples Memorial Park offers several options for burials, cremation, and funeral services serving Oahu, HI. If you are looking for unique ways to honor your deceased loved one, contact us today at (808) 239-8811.

  • Managing Anger and Grief

    When you suffer the loss of a loved one, organizing his funeral services and communicating with other family members can be difficult while you grieve. Watch this video to learn about managing anger and grief.

    It is common for individuals to experience anger at some point after the death of a family member. Being aware of the various stages of grief and acknowledging where you are in the grieving process can help you reach acceptance and manage your emotions.

    Valley of the Temples Memorial Park provides cremation, funeral services, and grief counseling in Oahu, HI. To begin planning a unique funeral ceremony or to find help for managing your grief, call us today at (808) 239-8811.

  • Deciding Which Cremation Option is Right for Your Loved One

    Funeral Home Oahu

    When a loved one passes, grief is the first thing on the family’s minds. It can be really hard for grieving individuals to focus on anything else, particularly planning a funeral. Thankfully, the staff at Valley of the Temples is here to guide you and your family through the process. Different families have different ways they prefer to memorialize their loved ones, and our services will accommodate anyone’s wishes. There are many factors to consider when choosing a service option such as the deceased’s wishes (if known), the immediate family’s needs, and religious or cultural traditions. Our cremation options are extremely customizable to accommodate different religious and cultural beliefs. There are three main types of services, but each can be customized to fit any family’s needs:

    Ceremonial Cremation
    Ceremonial cremation gives the family a chance to visit the full body before cremation actually takes place. After the body is cremated, the family receives the ashes to scatter them or hold a formal memorial service. The greatest advantage of this option is that it allows you to view your loved one’s body one last time. This is an important step in the grieving process for some people, because it allows them to say goodbye.

    Memorial Cremation
    Memorial cremation involves a memorial service with a ceremonial urn containing your loved one’s ashes. The ceremony is held at one of our beautiful and unique facilities. This option can be beneficial for people who have a hard time looking at their deceased loved ones. It can help people accept the fact that the individual is no longer physically with them, since the body is gone.

    Non-Ceremonial Cremation
    Non-ceremonial cremation focuses on the act of cremation. The service includes transportation of the deceased and the cremation itself. A relative receives the urn holding the ashes. This option helps with grief by allowing the family to see their loved one “pass on” as the body is cremated in front of them. This can help people accept death by symbolizing the act of passing on from this life.

    After the cremation takes place, the family has to choose the best way to preserve the ashes. Valley of the Temples offers three types of memorials:

    Haka House
    Haka Houses are similar to traditional gravestones. They feature stone monuments made of granite placed on individual lots. Haka Houses are a very affordable option for families. The monuments are elegant and have ample space between structures to allow the family to honor their loved one in solitude.

    Byodo-In Temple Niche
    The Byodo-In Temple is a very exclusive location for urn interments. The niches in the glass front niche room hold up to six urns. The niche room is next to the Buddha statue inside the temple. The beautiful temple features traditional Asian architecture and is surrounded by lush greenery.

    Mausoleum Niche
    This option features a niche in the Truesdale Memorial Chapel on Chapel Hill. The location features a beautiful view of the entire park, the Koolau Mountains, and the ocean. The chapel provides a tranquil, quiet environment for families to honor their loved ones while still viewing the surrounding landscape.

    Taking the Next Step
    If you are planning a cremation service near Oahu, Valley of the Temples Memorial Park can help you select the best option for your loved one. Call us today at (808) 239-8811 or visit us online to learn more about our funeral services. Our expert staff will guide you and your family through the service, as well as what to do afterward. Grief is an undeniably hard process to get through, but a proper memorial service helps the family honor and remember their loved one for years to come.