The Advantages of Pre-Planning a Funeral

If you feel anxious at the thought of your family being left with the decisions and organization of your funeral service after your passing, then you may wish to pre-plan a funeral.

Less Worry

One of the greatest advantages that you will enjoy when you pre-plan a funeral is peace of mind. When you know that you will be honored in the way that you would like after your passing, you can potentially enjoy your remaining time with your loved ones more fully and with less worry. Pre-planning a funeral ensures that your wishes will be known after your death, such as burial versus cremation, and comes at no cost to you. Instead, this process helps you plan for the expense of a funeral ahead of time.

Early Preparation

For individuals who are concerned about leaving the costs of their funeral as the responsibility of their family members, funeral pre-planning allows them to pre-fund the services. Taking this step ensures that the costs of your funeral will be covered when the time comes. Additionally, pre-funding can protect you and your family members from the effects of inflation, which may otherwise increase your funeral costs as time passes

Reduced Burden

Funeral planning can be both painful and stressful for your surviving family after your passing. While dealing with the grief of losing a loved one, they will also be forced to select a funeral home, organize a ceremony, and decide on burial services that they hope you would have wanted. By pre-planning your funeral, you remove this burden from your family. Your loved ones will know precisely what you wanted, eliminating the guesswork and stressful decision-making.

If you think that you and your family could benefit from these advantages, then call Valley of the Temples Memorial Park today at (808) 239-8811. We can help you pre-plan a funeral in Oahu, HI so you can rest easy with the knowledge that your funeral services will be in order at the time of your passing.