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Funeral planning involves many decisions that can be challenging to make. If you are pre-planning your funeral or organizing that of a family member, one of the major choices that you will face is whether to choose burial or cremation services. Here, you’ll find several reasons why some people opt for cremation :

Reduced Cost

In many situations, cremation can be less costly than a traditional burial. Caskets, for example, can be far more expensive than even high-end urns. Also, the costs associated with embalming a body, burying a casket, and purchasing a burial plot can add up quickly. These services are not required for cremation.

Better Flexibility
Today, many people live distant from their relatives. For this reason, some individuals opt for cremation due to the flexibility it provides for memorialization. Additionally, if your family might move in the future, you may be concerned about choosing a burial plot that no one will be near enough to visit. Choosing cremation allows you or your family to easily move the remains to the new location.

Simpler Process
Another reason why people commonly lean towards cremation over burial is that it can be an easier process. Because there are fewer decisions to be made when you choose cremation, the process can be faster and simpler.

Personal Preference
Despite these other factors, the type of funeral that appeals to a person has a significant influence on this decision. While some people prefer the thought of being buried, it’s not uncommon for individuals to dislike the notion of being entombed in the earth. For this reason, many choose the option that allows their cremated remains to be stored in an urn or scattered in a special location. While considering your options, be sure to take your personal preferences or those of the deceased into account.

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