What to Consider When Writing an Obituary

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If you’re in the midst of funeral planning and organizing the burial services for a loved one, then you may be wondering how to go about writing the individual’s obituary. An obituary is meant to inform others of a person’s death and to briefly commemorate the deceased. The following are a few important factors to consider when writing an obituary:

Obituary Type
The first step in writing an obituary is to recognize the difference between death notifications, feature obituaries, and standard obituaries. Death notifications are announcements that are brief and can typically be printed in newspapers at no cost. Feature obituaries are usually longer and written for well-known individuals in the area. Finally, standard obituaries are articles that commemorate the deceased and can be featured in newspapers for a fee.

Biographical Information
The next thing to consider when writing an obituary is information. Collecting all of the necessary biographical facts is essential for writing an obituary, and it is best to gather information before you begin the writing process. First, learn about the person’s dates of birth and death, birthplace, full name, surviving family, and information about the memorial and burial if you are inviting the public. You may also want to include material about the person’s cause of death, major life events, life story, and tribute information such as where to donate instead of sending flowers.

Writing Style
Once you have all of the necessary information, then you will be prepared to begin writing. Keep in mind that obituaries are typically written in a straightforward manner. It can be helpful to read other obituaries before you start to get a sense of the flow of these pieces. After writing the obituary, be sure to show it to close friends and family to hear any input that they may have and to double-check facts.

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