Delivering a Eulogy: Tips for Nervous Speakers

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Most people experience anxiety when they are asked to deliver a eulogy at a loved one’s funeral service or memorial service. Whether you are nervous about speaking in front of crowds, or just aren’t sure what to say in your eulogy, you can overcome your anxiety. Here are some great tips for nervous speakers can use when planning a funeral eulogy.

Ask the funeral director or officiator for guidelines.
Sometimes, the family of the deceased has certain guidelines in place that they would prefer eulogizers follow when speaking at a funeral service or cremation service. Some religions and cultures do not allow eulogies at all. Some religions may have restrictions as to the length of time each person is allotted to speak during the funeral ceremony. Before you begin planning a funeral eulogy, you can ask the family, funeral director, or funeral ceremony officiator for any guidelines you must follow.

Practice the eulogy many times.
The more you practice delivering the eulogy, the less anxious you will feel during the funeral ceremony. You can ask friends if you can practice the eulogy in front of them, or you can recite it alone. Practice reading it aloud, and try to do so enough times that you memorize the first few minutes of it. When delivering the eulogy during the funeral service or cremation service, be sure to speak slowing and clearly.

Research stress management techniques.
You should also research some stress management techniques that you can use prior to delivering the eulogy. During the funeral ceremony, you can take deep breaths, recite a positive affirmation in your head, drink water, or utilize any other non-disruptive method of calming your nerves that you think will be helpful.

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