Honoring a Death Anniversary

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After a loved one dies, certain times of the year can become more difficult to cope with. You may become keenly aware of the absence of your loved one during holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. The anniversaries of the death and the funeral services can renew the pain of grief, but they are also opportunities to remember and honor your loved one. There is no right or wrong way to honor a death anniversary; do what feels meaningful to you.

Visit the Memorial Site
It’s common for family members to gather at the cemetery on a death anniversary. Before you go, check with the cemetery staff regarding the policies on leaving flowers and personal items on the gravesite or memorial site.

Visit Loved Ones
Instead of or in addition to visiting the memorial site, you may wish to visit with your living loved ones. Gather everyone together for brunch or dinner and ask that each person shares his or her most cherished memory. Pass around family photo albums or scrapbooks.

Become a Volunteer
Some people prefer to stay as busy as possible on death anniversaries to distract themselves from the pain of grief. Consider setting aside the day to volunteer in your community. If possible, choose a volunteer position with a charitable organization that your loved one supported.

Connect with Nature
Exploring nature reminds people of the continuity of life. Visit a nature trail or other outdoor location that you and your loved one once enjoyed together. Plant a tree or start a flower garden in memory of your loved one.

Sort Through Possessions
It’s difficult to let go of a loved one’s possessions. If you feel you are ready, take some time on the death anniversary to sort through some of his or her belongings. Consider giving some items to other family members and close family friends; other items could be donated to charitable organizations.

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