Meet Michelle Bowerman-Director of Business Operations at Islands Hospice

Hospice Care Month Oahu

In recognition of National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, Valley of the Temples wants to acknowledge Michelle Bowerman, Director of Business Operations at Islands Hospice. Michelle speaks about her experiences in an interview:

Managing Emotions
Michelle has to deal with a wealth of emotions while working in hospice care. She reveals that she takes time for herself to be with friends and family and to walk her dogs. Since she is an animal lover, she also volunteers at the Hawaiian Humane Society. These habits help her cope with feelings of loss and heartbreak.

Finding Inspiration
Michelle says that seeing young people pass away evokes strong feelings in her. Sadly, she has dealt this situation more than once. Her daughter’s classmate, described as a “vibrant, young beautiful woman”, passed away at a young age. Michelle also went through the passing of her friend’s 17-year-old son, who was diagnosed with cancer at age 14. She describes him as having the “spirit and presence of a wise, loving old soul”. The impact of these experiences led Michelle to work in hospice care.

Advice for Others
Michelle’s main piece of advice to others is for anyone who is considering hospice to reach out for services as soon as they receive a terminal diagnosis. She stresses that this is important in order for the patients and families to get the most out of the services. The patients receive such high-level care that in some cases, they even recover and get to leave hospice.

To learn more about Michelle, visit our website.

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