Practicing Proper Funeral Etiquette

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When a person passes on, funeral services and memorial ceremonies give the deceased’s surviving friends and loved ones a chance to honor the individual and show their respect. To do this, understanding how to behave when attending these gatherings can be beneficial. Read on for tips on practicing proper funeral service etiquette.

An important decision to make when attending a funeral is what to wear. Today, it is rarely necessary to appear at a funeral service in all black. However, selecting clothing that is flashy, has bright colors, or features gaudy prints can be considered disrespectful to the deceased and his family. First, check the invitation to see if it includes any specifications regarding clothing. If none are provided, then choose clothing that is clean, conservative, and not too conspicuous.

When you attend a funeral, try to arrive early and be sure to pay your respect and express your condolences to the bereaved family before speaking with others in attendance. Also, be prepared to sign the guest book, speak with others afterward, and talk about how you knew the deceased. Finally, if you are planning to leave early, find a seat towards the back so that you can depart while creating as little disturbance as possible.

Many people choose to bring flowers to a funeral. The flowers you select can be those that were preferred by the deceased or in his favorite colors. However, flowers in white are usually considered appropriate if you’re uncertain about picking an arrangement. Before purchasing flowers, check the funeral invitation to be sure that the family did not make a request for charitable donations in place of gifts or flowers.

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