• What You Should Know When Planning a Funeral

    Memorial Park Oahu When it comes to arranging funeral services for a deceased loved one, the number of decisions that need to be made as you grieve the loss can feel overwhelming. If you’re planning a funeral, then continue reading to learn some things you should know that can make this process easier on you and your family.

    Your Options
    If asked what they would have done differently after arranging funeral services for a family member that had passed on, many people say that they wish they had made more informed choices. When you’re grieving and planning a funeral for the first time, it can be tempting to make quick or emotional decisions. However, taking the time to become informed about your options can help prevent you from making choices that you later regret.

    Religious and Cultural Considerations
    When planning a funeral for another person, factoring in the individual’s culture and religion is an important part of the process. If you have selected a funeral home to work with, then ask what resources they offer regarding funeral traditions for different religions and cultures. Also, consider reaching out to a cultural or religious leader in your community who can provide you with advice on planning a respectful and traditional service for your deceased loved one.

    Personal Wishes
    If your deceased loved one left information regarding his or her wishes about final disposition, then this can be an invaluable resource during the funeral planning process. Knowing and considering the deceased’s preferences regarding burial or cremation, funeral and ceremony type, and cemetery and burial location will remove much of the decision-making responsibilities from your shoulders. Adhering to the deceased’s personal wishes regarding his or her final disposition can also provide you with peace of mind.

    Are you in the process of planning a funeral near Oahu, HI? If so, then consider working with the experienced and compassionate staff at Valley of the Temples Memorial Park. For information about our services, please call (808) 239-8811.

  • Understanding Military Funeral Traditions

    Are you planning a funeral for a veteran? If so, then you probably have questions about military funerals. Watch this video to learn about military funeral traditions.

    The American military funeral incorporates traditions and symbolism that show appreciation for a life that was lived or even given in service to the country. With the blue field positioned over the left shoulder, the American flag is draped over the casket. Also, a rifle party with an odd number of service members fires 3 volleys of blank cartridges. During funerals for military officers, horse-drawn carriages are used to transport the casket to the burial site.

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  • Spotlight on Cemetery Cremation in the Byodo-In Temple

    Cremation Valley of the Temples Are you in the process of pre-planning your funeral? If so, then you may be considering your options for cremation. At Valley of the Temples Memorial Park, we offer a wide selection of cremation services, one of which is cemetery cremation in the Byodo-In Temple.

    If you have decided to include cremation as part of your funeral services, then consider creating a memorial in one of the several unique and exclusive sites that we offer. The Byodo-In Temple is a replica of Japan’s ancient temple, and our Byodo-In Temple Niche is a beautiful, glass-front structure that has niches which can accommodate as many as 6 full-size urns.

    At Valley of the Temples Memorial Park, we provide a wide selection of cremation services in Oahu, HI to help you plan the type of funeral and memorialization that you desire for yourself. To find out more about what we do, please give us a call at (808) 239-8811.