Does Your Child Need Help Managing His or Her Grief

The loss of a loved one can be profoundly overwhelming to children. They experience adult loss and emotions, but they lack the tools to deal with the feelings. As with adults, grieving for children does not end when the funeral service does, and also like adults, they sometimes need help coping with their grief.

You can begin to support your child in his or her journey with grieving by being open and honest. Euphemisms, hushed conversations, and half-truths only make children feel more vulnerable. Be mindful of signs that your child could be struggling to process his or her grief. Declining grades, isolation, sleep problems, and new provocative or dangerous behavior could all indicate that your child may benefit from professional grief support.

Valley of the Temples Memorial Park is pleased to offer grief support in Oahu, HI, to help families find the healthiest ways to mourn. If you or your child needs to connect with grief support services, please call our funeral home at (808) 239-8811.