Join Us For Free Obon Celebrations At The Hawaii Byodo-In Temple

Obon Oahu

Celebrating Your Heritage
Obon is similar to America’s Thanksgiving. At the beginning of Obon, spirits are called to the cemeteries through the burning of incense and the offering of a prayer. At the end of Obon, the spirits are led to a river or the ocean’s edge on their way back to the world of the deceased, guided by a flower lantern with a candle inside. Although some of the Obon rituals are somber, much of the holiday is festive. It’s a time when families happily reunite and celebrate the Obon Festival and Flower Lantern Floating Ceremony for all loved and ancestors that have passed away.

The festival has been held since the 7th century. While many of the events have changed over time, it remains one of the most significant and enjoyable of the Japanese festivals. It goes by a variety of names, the most popular of which is “The Obon Festival and Flower Lantern Floating Ceremony”.

Teaching Our Children and Grandchildren
Heritage is kept alive when we pass along the understanding and traditions to our youth. To see and participate in the Festival, our children and grandchildren learn to respect and honor the sacrifices of those who came before them.

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