Choosing Flowers for a Loved One’s Funeral

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Incorporating floral arrangements into a funeral service is a way to add the comforting presence of natural beauty to an emotional event. If you’re in the process of arranging a funeral service for a loved one, then you may want to continue reading for advice on -selecting flowers for the ceremony.

Explore Traditional Options –
While selecting flowers is a personal preference, knowing the meaning of some traditional options for funeral flowers may make the decision process a little easier. Lilies, for example, are among the most commonly used flowers for funerals, and they are often associated with sympathy and purity. Roses are another popular option, and their color can indicate what they symbolize. For instance, yellow roses communicate friendship, white roses symbolize spirituality, and red roses represent love and grief. Orchids of all kinds are commonly associated with affection and beauty. White, red, or pink carnations are frequently used for funeral wreaths. If your loved one preferred certain flowers, then these may be the natural choice to select for their funeral service.

Consider Different Types of Arrangements
When the flowers have been selected, you can then decide which arrangements you prefer. The most common options are standard floral arrangements, which can vary widely in appearance and are typically made using cut flowers and a vase. Some other options to consider are wreaths, which are circular arrangements that can be used as wall hangings or centerpieces. Spray arrangements are designed to be viewed from only one side, and casket tribute arrangements are designed to be placed inside the casket.

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