• Choosing Readings for a Funeral

    Readings often play an important role in funeral services. They can capture the memory of a lost loved one and provide comfort for the grieving. If you are tasked with choosing a reading for a funeral, this video will help.

    When choosing a reading, first consider if your lost loved one had any favorite poets or authors that could be good starting points. Next, think about the parts of your loved one’s life that you want to highlight and seek readings that make that point.

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  • How to Decide Between Cremation and Burial

    Cremation Oahu

    When you are planning a funeral, one of the biggest decisions you will have to make is whether to choose cremation or burial. This question looms large if you are pre-planning a funeral or if you are planning funeral services for a loved one who has passed. There are several different factors to consider when you are weighing the options. Here are some things to keep in mind as you make your decision.

    Religious Beliefs
    Some people have strong religious convictions that dictate the way they want to be treated after death, including what kind of ceremony to have and whether to be cremated or buried. Honoring these preferences is usually the first consideration when determining the proper choice regarding funeral services. If you or your loved one have a religious or cultural tie that disapproves of cremation or burial, then the choice is relatively straight forward.

    Cost is a major consideration most people have when they visit a funeral home. Generally, cremation is a less expensive process because you may not require a casket or embalming. However, depending on your choices for a funeral ceremony, these costs are still necessary for cremation. For instance, if you plan to have a viewing at the funeral home or a funeral ceremony before the cremation, embalming will be necessary and you may have to purchase or rent a casket.

    Memorialization Preferences
    Some people prefer to have a headstone in a cemetery to visit when they want to pay their respects to their loved ones. Others, especially those who live far away from the cemetery, may prefer the ability to keep their loved one close that cremation provides. With cremation, the ashes can be stored in an urn that travels with loved ones, divided among family members, or scattered on a significant place. If you choose cremation but also want a cemetery to visit, you can store the ashes in a mausoleum.

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  • Get a Closer Look at the Byodo-In Temple

    When you are in Hawaii, going to visit the Byodo-In temple near Oahu can be a great way to experience even more beauty in the gorgeous Hawaiian Islands. Watch this video to see what to expect when you visit the Byodo-In Temple.

    At first, it may seem strange that this temple is in a cemetery and memorial park, but the beauty and serenity of this temple make it the right setting. It is an independent Buddhist temple and was built in the 1960s. Before entering the temple, ring the bell. After you leave the temple, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the temple grounds.

    If you wish to visit the Byodo-In Temple, contact Valley of the Temples at (808) 239-8811. We look forward to sharing the exquisite beauty of this site with you.

  • What to Expect at a Buddhist Funeral

    Buddhist Funeral O'ahu

    With 3-4 million practicing Buddhists in America, you may find yourself attending a Buddhist funeral. If you are planning to attend a Buddhist funeral ceremony near O’ahu, HI, it will be helpful to know what to expect. Read on to gain a better understanding of what a Buddhist funeral is like.

    As long as the ceremony is simplistic and dignified, there are many ways to hold Buddhist funeral. The Buddhist faith accepts many different rituals. Although Buddha was cremated, embalming and cremation are both considered appropriate. However, prior to embalming or cremation it is thought best to disturb the body of the deceased as little as possible.

    Many Buddhist funerals will take place on the third, seventh, forty-ninth, or one-hundredth day after the death. Because of this, funeral services can be held prior to or after embalming or cremation occurs. These services can take place at a cemetery or the family’s home.

    The Wake
    If there is a wake, the deceased will be dressed in simple clothes and may be surrounded by a photo of Buddha, incense, colorful fruits and flowers. When it is practical, chanting will occur at the wake. These chants may be recorded ahead of time or performed live by monks.

    The Funeral
    There are many appropriate ways to hold a Buddhist funeral, but it is never acceptable to express grief through riches. As with the wake, flowers, fruits, and a photo of Buddha may appear next to the deceased. Monks and other mourners may deliver prayers, sermons, or chants. Those attending should also join the chanting and remove any head coverings during prayer and sermons. At the end, the monks and family will lead a procession. If the deceased in is a casket, the procession will continue to the burial site.

    If you are planning a Buddhist funeral ceremony, please call Valley Of The Temples at (808) 239-8811. Since 1963, we have been helping families of all faiths lay their loved ones to rest in a peaceful and serene setting on the Windward side of O’ahu.

  • Comparing Burial and Cremation Options

    Making the decision of whether to bury or cremate a loved one is largely a matter of your loved one’s personal preferences. Often, individuals decide to pre-plan their burial services at a funeral home. If your loved one did not pre-plan his or her services, then you might consider making the decision based on your loved one’s religious or spiritual beliefs.

    As you’ll learn when you watch this video, there are many options for both burial services and cremation services. If you do choose cremation, for example, you could decide to bury the cremains in a cemetery and hold a cremation ceremony.

    Valley of the Temples provides respectful burial services in Oahu, in addition to assistance for those who wish to pre-plan a funeral. Families are invited to view our services on our website and call us at (808) 206-7610 for further guidance.