• Should You Write Your Own Eulogy?

    When you pre-plan your funeral, you have the opportunity to set up a payment plan for funeral and burial services, pick out your own gravestone and burial plot, and dictate the details of your memorial service. You can even write your own obituary or eulogy.

    Watch this video if you would like help deciding whether you should write your own eulogy when funeral-planning. You’ll hear three reasons why writing your own eulogy is a great idea.

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  • Delivering a Eulogy

    Being asked to provide the eulogy for a lost loved one’s funeral services can make you feel both flattered and anxious. Watch this video for advice on delivering a eulogy that will provide comfort to the friends and family gathered for the funeral.

    Keep in mind that a eulogy is not meant to be a biography. Instead, you can include stories that capture what was truly special about the person who was lost. A funeral service is often a solemn yet emotional occasion, and speaking from the heart will allow you to deliver a memorable tribute.

    Valley of the Temples provides assistance with all stages of funeral planning in Oahu, HI and can help you incorporate a eulogy into your ceremony. Learn more about our services by calling (808) 239-8811.

  • What Is a Chronological Eulogy?

    When you arrange a funeral, one of the decisions you will need to make is who will delivery the eulogy at the funeral service. Being asked to deliver a eulogy is an honor, but writing one can an emotional process. There are several different types of eulogies that can be used, including a chronological eulogy. Watch this video to learn more.

    A chronological eulogy provides a factual retelling of a person’s life, including his or her achievements and major experiences. Some people find that taking this approach to a eulogy makes it easier to deliver in light of the emotion involved in a funeral service.

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