For many people, the process of cremation is favorable to burial, since it offers a wider range of memorialization options and generally has a lower environmental impact. If you are considering cremation in your funeral pre-planning, there are several details to think about for your personalized cremation service. With Valley of the Temples in Oahu, you can count on compassionate, detailed attention in your pre-planning along with exceptional options for preserving and memorializing remains.

What Is Cremation?

During the cremation process, the body of a deceased individual is placed in a specialized chamber that is heated to 1400 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce the body to its most basic elements. Skeletal remains and bone fragments will be left behind, and these are ground into what are commonly referred to as ashes or cremated remains. There are a number of different options for preserving these remains, which may include scattering, presentation in an urn, or more unique choices like preservation in fine gemstones.

Types of Cremation Services

There is a common misconception that cremation does not provide many options to fit into various religious and cultural beliefs, but it is actually one of the most customizable arrangements available. Here’s a closer look at the types of ceremonies that may be incorporated into the cremation process for yourself or a loved one.

  • Ceremonial Cremation – Ceremonial cremation may include a full body visitation with a ceremonial casket prior to cremation. After the body is cremated, the ashes are provided to the family of the deceased for further services, which may include scattering the ashes or hosting a formal memorial service for friends and loved ones.
  • Memorial Cremation – You may choose to have only a memorial service utilizing a ceremonial urn containing cremated remains instead of a traditional viewing. With the unique facilities at Valley of the Temples, you can plan a ceremony fitting any religious traditions while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of our sprawling Oahu memorial park.
  • Non-Ceremonial Cremation – Cremation may be a stand-alone service, which includes only the transportation of the deceased and the act of cremation. Remains may be placed in a temporary container or a display urn and delivered directly to a designated relative.

Cemetery Cremation

You might choose to create a memorial in our cemetery at one of several unique, exclusive sites. The Byodo-In Temple Niche is a beautiful glass-front structure, which is a replica of Japan’s 950-year old temple containing niches that accommodate up to six full-sized urns. Haka Houses serve as another premium option for cremation in our memorial park. A Haka House is a family grave marked by a granite statue and surrounded by trees on the hillside of Valley of the Temples.

After the Cremation Service

The staff at Valley of the Temples will be able to guide you through all aspects of the cremation process, including what to do after the service. When you choose cremation, you also have to consider what to do with the cremated remains. There are many options, including scattering the ashes in a meaningful place or displaying the ashes in an urn, and our staff can assist you in choosing the right one for you and your loved ones.

To discover more of the details of cremation with Valley of the Temples, call us at (808) 239-8811. We are happy to answer your questions and schedule a tour of our beautiful grounds in Oahu.