Founded in 1963, Valley of the Temples Memorial Park has served the community by providing a place of peace and serenity for loved ones.

What to Know About Pre-Planning a Funeral

As society has become more aware of the benefits of funeral pre-planning, the practice has become increasingly popular. For tips on making advanced funeral arrangements that will provide you with personal and financial peace of mind and spare your loved ones additional stress in the wake of your passing, watch this helpful video clip.

A major part of the funeral pre-planning process is the selection of a cemetery site. This video discusses some factors to consider if you decide to pay for your memorial site when pre-planning your funeral.

Hawaiian residents who are looking for a peaceful memorial park in which their remains can rest should consider Valley of the Temples Memorial Park on Oahu. To learn more about our cemetery grounds and burial options, you can call one of our compassionate and dedicated employees at (808) 239-8811.

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Situated in a lush tropical setting with a dramatic mountain backdrop, Valley of the Temples Memorial Park has been providing high-quality cemetery services on Oahu for nearly 50 years. If you found our recent blog posts helpful, you may also want to explore the following resources.

You can call (808) 239-8811 to learn more about our cemetery and memorial park.

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May the coming year bring lots of harmony, good health and prosperity in your life!

Wishing you and your family a very happy new year from all of us at Valley of the Temples!

A Look at the Byodo-In Temple


Nestled at the base of the Ko’olau Mountains is a structure that is recognizable to countless Hawaiians, as well as many Americans and foreigners who have seen it on television. Situated in beautiful Kaneohe, the Byodo-In Temple is popular among individuals uniting in holy matrimony and those who are commemorating the lives of the deceased. To learn about the inspiration for this temple and the versatile range of functions it serves, continue reading.

Kyoto to Oahu Established in 1052, the Byodoin Temple in Kyoto, Japan, is a prime example of Jodo architecture. It is a site of pilgrimage for countless Japanese citizens, and its signature hall is recognizable to the masses in part because it appears on the country’s 10 yen coin. The stunning non-denominational Byodo-in Temple was built to resemble this ancient Japanese place of worship.

Scenic Setting The beautiful natural setting of the Valley of the Temples made it an ideal place to erect a building that has been a symbol of Zen Japanese architecture for nearly a millennium. With lush forests and mountains at its back and koi ponds surrounding the building, the temple’s setting could not be better suited to the promotion of a peaceful and reflective environment.

Everyone Welcome As a non-denominational Buddhist temple, the Byodo-In does not discriminate against its guests. Visitors of all religions and walks of life are welcome to use the temple for deep reflection and its facilities and grounds for weddings and memorial services.

Landmark Status Although the Byodo-In Temple was built to emulate the Byodoin Temple, it has a landmark status of its own. The temple has been featured in several television series, including Hawaii Five-O, Lost, and Magnum, P.I.

With such a rich history, it is no surprise that the Byodo-In Temple is one of the most well-known features of the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park. This beautiful memorial park and cemetery, however, has much more to offer. To learn more about the Byodo-In Temple and the other breathtaking features of our cemetery grounds, contact us at (808) 239-8811.

How to Make the Cemetery Arrangements for Your Loved One


Planning a funeral and memorial service for your loved one involves several important decisions. In addition to finding a funeral service provider who can organize the details of your loved one’s service, you will want to find a cemetery with a serene setting that will serve as your loved one’s final resting place. Choosing a cemetery is the first of several cemetery-related arrangements you must make following your loved one’s passing. Others include:

Choosing a Site Once you have chosen a cemetery that you would consider ideal for the interment of your loved one’s remains, you will need to work with a cemetery representative to select a specific memorial site. The options to choose from may vary based on whether you are planning for an above-ground entombment or in-ground burial.

Obtaining a Memorialization From an elaborate custom-made headstone to a simple grave marker, you will have many memorialization options to choose from. For a durable memorial made from high-quality materials, work with an experienced provider of memorial markers.

Selecting Interment Services The method by which your loved one’s remains will be stored in his or her memorial space may hinge on a number of factors. These include your loved one’s wishes, your family’s history, and any interment regulations in place at the cemetery you choose.

Arranging Payment If you want to pre-plan your funeral, you may have the opportunity to pay for your cemetery plot in advance. If you are planning the burial of a loved one, you will need to speak with a cemetery representative about your payment options.

When looking for a peaceful and serene memorial park on Oahu for your loved one’s remains, be sure to pay a visit to Valley of the Temples Memorial Park. With its strikingly accurate replica of the beautiful Japanese Byodo-In Temple and acres of beautiful natural landscape, there may not be a better place to rest in peace. To speak with a caring and knowledgeable member of our staff who can help with all your cemetery arrangements, call (808) 239-8811.

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